Oct 11, 2011

Our First Orange Tuesdays: Carlo's Cake

This is our very first entry to:

Carlo is my boys' cousin on my hubby's side of the family. He turned five last September and so they held a mini-birthday party. Birthdays cakes are always anticipated by the kids. And in these photos, you can tell that Sam loved the cake and was more excited to blow the candle than birthday celebrant Carlo. He was happy for Carlo, too.  

My Sam will be turning six this October and I cannot wait to see the happiness in his eyes when he blows his   own birthday candles. I am planning to go for Angry Birds cupcakes over cake this year. I'm still saving for that though. I'm sure the boys will go wild over Angry Birds cupcakes.

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  1. A lovely first Orange Tuesday post! The cake looks delicious.

  2. Hi Miss Mai. Thanks for dropping by at my post! :)

    What a cute cake! :)

  3. hahhaha...so cute! it sure is...mas excited pa k sa bday celebrant...so cute...I love those gestures....:)

    like ko ang header mo mamidear...salamat po sa dalaw!

  4. that cake looks yummy! congrats on your first Orange Tuesdays entry :) thanks for visiting my blog ^^

    see you around!

  5. That's looking so yum, Sis. Sam and I are both October babies, hehe. I can't wait to see your Angry Bird cupcakes. Sure it's another yum cake.

    Thanks for the visit at scottzprincess.net

    See you around!

  6. The cake looks yummy...thanks for the visit

  7. hmmmm..ang sarap ng cake.. the boys look so excited talaga.. hehe

    Visiting from OT. Here's mine Postcard Like Sunset ,New Convertible and Demitasse Cups. Have a Nice Day!

  8. Delicious photo, charming and fun. Live reading.!

  9. Delicious photos, charming and fun. Happy Birthday!

  10. yay! that's really a yummy looking cake! thanks, btw, for dropping by at my site!

  11. Wow!..pahingi naman ng cake..
    Love also your digiscrap mommy..


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