Oct 12, 2011

Nostalgic with Photos

I finally found the old photos that have been missing for so long. Included in this batch of photos where shots taken the day Simon was born and our trip to the Museo Pambata. These photos were probably the last ones we had printed out. Our photos are all digital now. Looking at the photos,can't help thinking how fast the kids had grown. 

Simon found all of them scattered on our plastic chair. My mother patiently pointed them out to Simon and told the stories behind them. Simon's mind could not yet grasp that he's the baby in the picture. 

This is my share for Wednesday Whites and Nostalgia!

See you again next week!
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  1. i also have several old photos here at my old albums.. still look at them from time to time! :D

  2. very cute sis..

    Visiting from Wednesday White. Here's mine Shy and Serious, Demitasse Cups

  3. always nice to flip on albums and look at printed photos :)

    Visiting you for WW. I hope you can visit me back: DR. RUSSELL DOHNER, LOVED BY ALL

  4. I still order printed pictures once in a while, pinipili ko na nga lang, I used to have all of them printed but then I realized ang dami na pala sa cabinet namin lol. Your post reminds me of my son sis, evertime we show is baby pic to him, he would always say that it's his Dad lol.

    Parang ang cute cute ikiss ng binata mo hehehe, ang tambok ng pisngi.. Thanks for joining!

  5. Beautiful shots! Me, too, I have to print my captures and organized them traditionally in a photo album. :)

    Visiting for WW. You might want to look at my share if you got a chance:
    OAV Experience
    October Ice


  6. Huhu! I've posted a comment earlier but I believe there was some glitch and I totally lost it ;-(

    Anyways,I came back here to publish it once more, Sis. Hahaha! Just wanna say that photos bring a lot of nostalgic memories.

    I wonder how to do digital scrapbooking Sis?

  7. thanks for the visit, you guys!

    @lainy, i'm using a software right now, the My Memories software so i'm getting addicted to scrapbooking. the software makes it easy to do.

  8. so true. kids grow so fast. printed photos are still the best to have, which in my case had no time to print yet :)

  9. same here, how old is your Simon sis? My Mr. G is 2 and when he saw his baby pictures he just say, "baby, baby" and he points to his bro Mr. V. kakatuwa tong mga bata nu.

  10. so cute! tama, ang bilis talaga nang panahon...next time we know nasa college na mga anak natin...ehehehe!

  11. i know, right? it's amazing how time flies and how our kids grow up so fast. thanks for sharing sis.. and hope to see you at WW again this week!


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