Oct 10, 2011


Hubby came home one day from his farewell party at his previous work. He actually moved to a new company last month. He was given this cute pillow by an officemate and this pillow became an instant hit with the kids, especially with Simon. 

credit: Boys in Charge Pack by Snap Wings At MyMemories.com

Simon loves the letterings on the pillow. He points to each letter and enunciates them very clearly. He would say very slowly I-M-I-S-S-Y-O-U and then shouts I MISS YOU! And he does all these every time to anyone who cares to listen. Such a show-off!!! And this little pillow has a name, what else but AMISHU!


  1. ay cute!
    Iris also loves pillow..
    Visiting from KIDS..
    My KID .Have a nice day!

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  2. very cute pillow! + way to go for Simon for that exceptional spelling skills!

    thanks for joining! do join us again next week...

    p.s. love the layout, i wish i can be as creative as you! :)


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