Oct 16, 2011

Getting Creative With Letters of the Alphabet

When I learned about Aloha Gem's Balikbayan Giveaway, I got really excited. Before I tell you what the prize is, I need to tell you that the mechanics are super easy! You just need to write a blog post and link three related articles from her alohagems library

It's that easy! But wait, when I went in the library, my head swum. Aloha Gems offers tons of useful information about topics so close to my heart that got me excited again and I really couldn't decide whether I'm going to write about alphabet for kids, gardening and flower arrangement stuff or Halloween costumes for kids. 

So finally, I picked a topic closest to my heart (as a mom) and which other mommies like me would find useful and that is Fold and Cut Alphabet A to Z. This particular article strikes me deep because it bring back memories of high school. We have a large board back then in our classroom that we decorate each and every month depending on what the theme for that month was. We had lots of fun doing this especially during Christmas, Valentines, and Halloween. We would fold and cut out letters of the alphabet using art paper. I had forgotten how to do it but I was reminded with this article by Aloha Gem! I must share this knowledge with my three boys! If you go to the site, the instructions are very detailed and even has photos on them.  

And after folding and cutting letters of the alphabet, I can do much more with the Decorative Alphabet Series. These articles show us how to add shadows to the already folded and cut alphabet.  

Nice eh? We also used to decorate our classroom wall with scary stuff during Halloween. We had a classmate who could really draw and he made all of the artsy stuff that we needed to hang or paste on the wall. Well, he drew them and we cut. His life would had been easier if we could just print things like Bats coloring Alphabet. But we didn't have computers back then. There were a very few people who had computers and they all ran in DOS (did I get it right?), lol. You know, that matrix type of thing. No special graphics or animation back in those days. Kids today are so lucky.  

And speaking of drawing and of kids being so lucky in this techie age, let me tell you what the prize is for Aloha Gem's Balikbayan Giveaway. It's a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet! That is so cool! I am really praying to win it. Everyone in my family draws, from hubby to the 3-year old ball of energy and I could imagine how thrilled they would be when they hold it in their hands. That is so right, I am visualizing winning!

So dear readers, fellow moms, if you want a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet too for the artist and designer in you and your kids, you can join Aloha Gem's Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet Balikbayan Giveaway. See you there!!!


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  2. I hope you win the Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet. Good luck!


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