Oct 28, 2011

Fun with Puzzle Pieces

I don't know what these pieces are called, honestly. They're supposed to be puzzles that you make into a house or something. Forgive me but I'm too lazy to do anything (because of a backpain that would not simply go away), too lazy to not even think hard on what's the name, or research it on the net. I'll just wait for someone to tell me what it is -- tee-hee. 

But my boys had figured out what to do with it so who cares about the name. let's call it "puzzle pieces" for now. These puzzle pieces had kept my boys occupied for a good full day. While I was trying to work, they would call my attention every time they had a new "creation".

***this collage courtesy of  Smilebox

Sam went on further and put every "creation" in front of the computer just to make sure I won't miss what a fine job he'd done. I simply could not miss them as they were shoved right in front of me for picture taking. 

Shopping Bag
***For today, I'm taking advantage of my one month free of Smilebox Premium Membership, because I'm not feeling well and not in the mood to create anything. Smilebox is ready to use because the templates are already pre-made. It's a great software for those who doesn't want to spend much time creating their own scrap pages. I'm sticking with MyMemories software though because I'm a scrapbook fanatic at heart and like creating my own and doing things from scratch. But, you know, who says i can't have both. :)

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  1. oh cutiee toys. fav ng kids ko yan ehhhehee pede k p buy nyan madami hehehehe tpos dami mo pede gwin :D love them!

    Thanks for joining sis! see you next week :D

  2. I love the colors and kids for sure will enjoy this. Happy weekend!


  3. Whatever it is, they're puzzles in general hahaha. We love doing puzzles here at home too.

    /I will be hosting a giveaways soon sis, you might be interested in joining. It's a scrapbooking software, may nagsponsor heheh. As soon as tapos na mourning namin dito, will let you know.

  4. whatever it's name, it sure adds imagination to ur kids to create art forms:)

  5. This is not only fun, its a good way of bonding with the kids too. :) Visiting from CC

  6. kids get a lot of benefits from puzzles :)

    new follower here!

  7. wow! I love those kind of puzzle pieces....so colorful!

  8. @mommy jes, kim, rose, mommy riz, Krizza, jenggai and dhemz, thank you all for the visit! sorry for the late reply!

  9. hello mommy!
    wow! nice naman gawa ng mga boys mo..
    hindi ko rin ala ang tawag jan..but sure a fun pieaces..


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