Oct 8, 2011

Color Connection: Straws!

I am happy to say that my boys can make toys out of anything  -- from the simplest things like coins, laundry clips, and paper clips. They have lots of toys but their imagination run wild with these ordinary household items.  It varies from week to week. There was a week when it was all about straws.  

I had to buy Sam a set of straws that he and Simon can play with because they had been quarreling over a few pieces that they got from Grandma's store. The straws had since then been shifted to different shapes, had become swords, poles and just about anything a 2-year old and 5-year old can think of. 

I'm happy that my boys are imaginative. When the going gets tough and I can't afford to buy them toys, I just have to bring out our school supply box and it suddenly becomes a treasure chest to two little boys. 



  1. I remember that kind of straw at my lola's house tita. I really like your photo arrangement. Your sons are fun to watch.

  2. Wow, your boys are so creative! Even I wouldn't come up with such a clever idea :)

  3. Wow your boys are creative,when I was little me and my brothers used to make cars out of brown rice boxes.Please come visit my blog.Thanks


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