Sep 19, 2011

Simon's First Carousel Ride

Yesterday, after going to the Manila International Book Fair, we decided to go inside the SM Mall of Asia despite the maddening crowd due to the mallwide sale. Simon saw the carousel and said he wanted to ride the "horse". The two other boys did not want too, but Simon was so excited.

So we did ride the carousel. It was Simon's first time. I can tell he was scared. I can feel his little body quivering, either in fear or in excitement. But there's no way he's not going to try it out. That's my Simon. I have no doubt he's going to face all his fears. I have no doubt he's going to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Ah, I'm getting teary eyed realizing this. Yeah, that's me in the pic. Hubby said I was hiding, hahaha! 


  1. Aww I can't wait till my Sean is old enough to ride the carousel too...I wonder if he would like it.

  2. thanks jade for the visit! i'm sure sean would love all the rides. how exciting for you!

  3. i've tried the carousel for the first time when I was more than a year old + i loved it, too!

    thanks for joining last 2 weeks' edition of K.I.D., + so sorry for the delayed visit, mum's a little busy the past week.

    K.I.D. for this week will be up in a while, i hope you can still join us :)


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