Sep 4, 2011

Museo Pambata Postcards

I was going through our storage room (literally, a room we don't use because the kids do not want to sleep in it and has became storage for old things, junks, documents, and whatnots)searching for old catalogs and magazines that Basti needed for a school project when I saw these three cute postcards.

"Ako'y Batang Museo"
Painted by Ms. Merci  Melchor for the benefit of
the Museo Pambata Foundation, Inc
"Saranggola" Kite
Painted by Ms. Merci  Melchor
 for the benefit of the Museo Pambata oundation, Inc
I bought them from the Museo Pambata store when we visited years ago. Museo Pambata is an interactive museum for children of all ages :) Yes, even the children at heart. You can learn more about the museum at their website HERE

Painted by Mr. George Ng
 for the benefit of the Museo Pambata oundation, Inc
I hope our post crossing friends will appreciate them. I meant to make a post about these then but never did get to doing so because of work. I was trying to find the pictures of the kids at the Museo but couldn't find them. And since I have a deadline in an hour (and here I am blogging, can't help it), I'll just save those old photos for another day and post. Have a great week ahead, everyone!



  1. Those postcards are beautiful, very talented ang artist na gumawa. Salamat for joining sis.

  2. wow these are so cute, they are so talented. Mine is up and its here thanks My Daily Mumbles

  3. very cute indeed..:)

    Late Colorful Weekend Visit here. My CW is At the Playhouse. Have A Nice Day!

  4. those post cards are SO NICE!

    by the way do you mind checking out on Can't Mommies Be Teachers?


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