Sep 2, 2011

Mommy Moments : Financial Tips

This is a summary of a post that I made on my other blog. I thought that this would be good for today's Mommy Moments which is all about Financial Tips, though these tips are for mommies and daddies only. I wrote this post during the recession and you can see the full post HERE. Most tips still apply today. 

1. Keep track of your spending. List them down everyday to identify the needs from the wants. 
2. Pay yourself first. 
3. Bring lunchboxes to work.
4. Save on power and water consumption
5. Drink water instead of carbonated or caffeinated drinks.
6. Save on load. Take advantage of promotions like unlimited calls , unlimited text, etc.
7. Go cable-less. (Though this will be good for some people, it will not work for us. We don't have cable and we watch a lot of DVD and our power consumption is way too high because of that. So not for us)
8. Set the itinerary for the day before leaving the house. 
9. Get memberships to discount club or warehouse clubs.
10. Try buying in wholesale groceries and stores in your local market, neighborhood.
12. Check out Cultural Center of the Philippines, Metropolitan Museum , etc for free concerts, events and activities for the family.
13. Walk. 
14. You really don't need all of those household helps. 
15. Stay away from credit cards. (We thought this was not possible, but we have been card free for years now. But we still have debts, of course, LOL.)
16. Restrain yourself from impulse buying. Wait for a few days. 
17. Go for generic. 
18. Believe it or not, you don't have to buy everyone in the family life insurance. BUT YOU need to make sure that YOU HAVE ONE. Life insurance is for the convenience of those who are left behind, those who are dependent on you when you go and not for your convenience when someone leaves you behind. Sad but true. **This advice is from a financial expert and I kind of agree. You are entitled to your own opinion.** 
19. Take advantage of thrift shops and second hand stores.  
20. Go shop at Baclaran at Divisoria some time. 
21. Take a vacation during the off-season. Less stress, less crowd, cheaper flight and accommodation expenses. 


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  1. Great tips, mommy! I learned several new things. We are able to make great savings from our credit card though. It now works almost like a discount card giving us 5% off groceries and electricity bill.
    As for our tips for toddler savings, you may find it here.
    Happy Mommy Moments!

  2. Often when I don't set the itinerary before leaving the house, I end up where I shouldn't be. No. 8 is true to me, and yes, I have abolished the cable at home and even the TV after hi-speed internet got in. Good tips you got. Very true to most of us.

  3. Visiting from MM. Thanks for sharing and have a happy and safe weekend!!!

  4. I love items 5, 9, and 19 most especially! :) Great tips there really are! Thanks for sharing sis!

    My MM Saving Tips for this week is up, too! I welcome your visit if you have a chance! ;-)

  5. Impulse buying is a hard habit to break, but it's not impossible to conquer it! Thanks for sharing these great money-saving tips! I hope you can visit my MM entry, too:

  6. I am still trying to make it a point to keep track of even the littlest cent spent in a day...i have a small notebook dedicated for that, this is how i track my monthly expenditure.

    hope you can take a peek on our tips on saving

  7. We dont have a cable connection here as we dont really watch much TV because of the internet connection. Really great tips! thanks for sharing! :D

  8. I so love all the tips here. Thanks for sharing!


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