Aug 24, 2011

My Boys Love to Wrestle!

Mirage is hosting a giveaway for her new blog SPORTY and the question we need to answer is "What is your favorite sports?" Now, that left me thinking, what's our favorite sports?

Hubby loves badminton at one point but has since gone to being a running enthusiast. The only sports I ever played and has hopes of being good at is bowling. But it's been years since I last bowled. 

My kids, of course, love the water. But there's one thing they love more than anything else, and that is to WRESTLE. If you'll consider that as sports. It is always nerve-wracking for me when they wrestle. I shout, I scream, I watch out for them just to make sure no head gets bumped. I get mad at them, but there's no stopping them. They go right back at it, complete with loud and noisy laughter and screams. I just had to grind my teeth and pray no one gets hurt. 

As they say, boys will be boys!


  1. palagi siguro silang nanonood ng wrestling sa tv hehehe.
    Little World of Fun

  2. awsss... boys will really be boys! soon, i will have wrestlers here in the house... hehehe... visiting you here! it's been a while since i last dropped by here.

  3. @anne, yes, there was a time when they used to watched wrestling and then i banned them watching it when they started doing this. too late, lol!

    @pinks, yes, wait a few years and you'll be screaming your heart out and your heart will jump out of its place, haha.

    thanks for the visit, mommies!

  4. Enrol mo sila sa wrestling lessons sis hehehe. Hubby and son always does that here at home.


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