Aug 15, 2011

Kids IN Doodles: Simon is Three

Sam Simon is now three years old! We're past the terrible two-terrific two stage, yay! It has been one great year for Simon and me and his two older brothers. Simon has made us so happy in so many ways. He also made me mad and drove me to tears so many times. But then, he has also made me laugh and made me and his papa proud a countless times.

Belated Happy Birthday, son! We love you very much!

Thanks to the uncles and aunts who hosted this mini-party for Simon at Grandma's house last Sunday. My boys are so blessed to have you guys!


  1. Thanks, Willa! Ayan pati ako namali na sa names ng mga boys ko, lol. Na-correct ko na. Simon is now three years old, not Sam. If you haven't commented I wouldn't have noticed that I put in Sam instead of Simon. Thanks, Willa!

  2. send my greetings to your birthday boy! He looks so happy, the cake is awesome

  3. Happy birthday Simon! The kid years are always so precious! :D I'm sure he had fun on his birthday. There's always a special awe when young kids are aware it's their day. My kids drives me nuts all the time too but what I'd give to keep them kids forever eh? :D Visiting from KID!

    I also home you can join me for Colorful Weekend sometime. It's a fun weekend link party to celebrate the colors that rocked our week. :) Check it out!

  4. Thanks Anne and May for dropping by! Yes, Simon enjoyed a lot especially while blowing the cake candle and opening gifts! He's aware that it's his special day.

    I would love to join sometime. I'll put your widget on the sidebar as a sign of support for now.

  5. Thanks Mai! That's really sweet! Should be a lot of color around with your three boys. :)

  6. the "made me mad and drove me to tears" line made me laugh sis. hahaha, ganon ba kakulit and likot?

    dropping by :)

  7. Yes, She, he's all that and more! And then e-times 3 mo pa kasi 3 sila, waaaahhh!!!!


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