Aug 1, 2011

Kids In Doodles #13: Lovable Sqwishies

Beautiful Monday morning, everyone and happy first day of August!
This is my entry to Monday's KIDS IN DOODLES. 

Just this week, we received this wonderful package from Sqwishland, the safe virtual world for kids. This our prize to the Play and Win 50K Pinoy Contest. We did not win the 50K, but we did win this lovable collection of Sqwishies! 

The kids were all excited to receive the collectibles and had been asking me for weeks, almost everyday, when the package would arrive.Well, it did finally arrive the three days ago and the boys were really happy. How happy? Just take a look at this photo. That's happiness in Sam's eyes as he gazed at  his lineup of Sqwishies. Sam loves all thing round and small, that's why the Sqwishies are perfect toys for him. 

These are some of the Sqwishies. We didn't open all of the capsules. There are around 50 to 60 of them. Now, the opened ones are scattered all over the house. Sam hides them whenever he sees them and keeps them in his secret container, lol, so they won't get lost again. 

These are my favorites - sqweep,  sqwrog, sqwear, sqwelephant and sqworca (black). 

Sqwake, sqwig at the back, sqwrab, sqwalamander,  and sqwoctopus

Another look. That sqweep (sheep) is so cute!
We still many pieces that are unopened that we are going to share with cousins. Hubby even took some to the office to be displayed on his desk. They're lovable and cute that adults and kids love them. 

These also come with codes inside the capsules that can be used to earn sqwash which is the currency at the virtual world of Sqwishland. I don't know if we can still use these codes but then,we have lost most of the codes. That's too bad, now that I think about it. Basti is the one who's playing in Sqwishland but he hasn't logged in for awhile now because he doesn't have much computer time, with school and me using the computer almost 24 X7 now, hehe. 

Again, many thanks to Sqwishland and also to Ms. Kaye of WAHMaholic for sponsoring this contest, where we initially won the 6-pack Sqwishie tube with the winning code for this 2K worth of collectibles.

"Sqwishland is virtual world where members can own and take care of characters called Sqwishies. Members can join competition, earn sqwash by playing minigames and through other fun-filled, learning activities.Please do visit their website to learn more."  


  1. uy ang dami!! :) ehehehheh welcome to KID ;))

  2. Lucky you!They're all cute^_^

    Happy KID!

  3. congratulations! That's a very interesting toy though. Mine is up and its here Little World of Fun

  4. wow! daming cute animals..:)

    Thanks for joining Kids In Doodles.

  5. yes, the sheep is cute. dami naman nyan. :)

  6. wow, that's many, I know your son surely love it. thanks for visiting me.

  7. congratulations for winning sis! regards!


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