Aug 28, 2011

At The Arcade

My boys' favorite place would be the mall arcade. These photos were taken a few weeks ago when the kids went there with my in-laws and the kids' cousins. 

Simon loves to play in the arcade (or at least pretends that he knows how to play) 

Meanwhile, Sam loves to walk around the mall and to pose for pictures.

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Aug 24, 2011

My Boys Love to Wrestle!

Mirage is hosting a giveaway for her new blog SPORTY and the question we need to answer is "What is your favorite sports?" Now, that left me thinking, what's our favorite sports?

Hubby loves badminton at one point but has since gone to being a running enthusiast. The only sports I ever played and has hopes of being good at is bowling. But it's been years since I last bowled. 

My kids, of course, love the water. But there's one thing they love more than anything else, and that is to WRESTLE. If you'll consider that as sports. It is always nerve-wracking for me when they wrestle. I shout, I scream, I watch out for them just to make sure no head gets bumped. I get mad at them, but there's no stopping them. They go right back at it, complete with loud and noisy laughter and screams. I just had to grind my teeth and pray no one gets hurt. 

As they say, boys will be boys!

Aug 23, 2011

Kids In Doodles: Boys Having Fun!

I just received a free download of the My Memories Suite Scrapbooking Software for review and decided to try it out for this week's edition of Kids In Doodles. This is what I came up with. Took me around 10 minutes to do this. It is so easy!

Rainy days seems to be the best days for the boys to play with each other. We always turn the TV off because the antenna might be hit by lightning (yes, we still believe in that!) Oh common, says Basti, lol. The kids had nothing to do but tease each other endlessly and pose for the camera. 

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Have a great week ahead, everyone! 

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Aug 21, 2011

Yummy and Fun Yellows

Photobucket For my first ever entry to Ms. Burrito's Color Connection and Nshima Serving's Colorful  Weekend,  I will be sharing more about Simon's birthday. Why not, it's his birth month after all. 

Yellow seems to be the color of Simon's birthday. He received this battery operated toy train from one of   his aunts. Sam and Simon shared and took turns in playing with it. Fast forward a week after, not even a single part of this toy can be found inside the house. I have little destroyers in my home, lol. 

My sister made some gelatin and molded them on eggshells. The kids loved it, it was something different. I wish I have a better presentation than this but this is the idea. Cute eh? We peeled off the top because we're about to eat these when I took pictures but the eggshells should be fully formed with only a teeny bit of the gelatin showing from the outside. Sister and I both agreed that it would have better if we have painted the shells ala Easter egg style. 

Ah, the cake! Also with a touch of yellow and with a lot of colorful flowers on the sides. A birthday would not be the same without a cake with matching candles to blow. If Simon had his way, he would have spent the day just blowing the candle on his cake. 

And to add a little bit of color to this yellow post, here's some hotdogs and colorful marshmallows on sticks. Surely, for the kids and for the kids at heart!


Aug 15, 2011

Kids IN Doodles: Simon is Three

Sam Simon is now three years old! We're past the terrible two-terrific two stage, yay! It has been one great year for Simon and me and his two older brothers. Simon has made us so happy in so many ways. He also made me mad and drove me to tears so many times. But then, he has also made me laugh and made me and his papa proud a countless times.

Belated Happy Birthday, son! We love you very much!

Thanks to the uncles and aunts who hosted this mini-party for Simon at Grandma's house last Sunday. My boys are so blessed to have you guys!

Aug 9, 2011

Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways: Week 10

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 10. This week’s prize is $10 Cash via Paypal from Mel Cole of Hearts Content of a Mama. The magic word for this week is HEART.


Well, what can I say? The month of July and August has been good to me, contest-wise at least. We won in the Sqwishland promo of Kaye Mendez (you can see my post about that HERE), got a  special prize from Levytate contest of Levy Martinez, and even won a 1K GC from the coffee survey posted at Animetric World. I have yet to win in Techie She Weekly and I hope I win this time, hehe.

UPDATE: As if these were not enough, I just won another prize, and this time, it's from Mommy Rubz of TheFilipinaWAHM, for a free hosting and domain of my other blog, redlanegeraine. Yes, all these in one month!

Blogging wise I was able to meet new friends, got others to like my page through memes, got our own domain (yay!) and found some real cool websites along the way.

So to all I have mentioned, thank you very much from the bottom of my HEART and all the wonderful people who are sponsoring contests online and who are sharing their talent, resources, and personal belongings to to the world wide web citizenry. 

I'm also thanking She of Techie She and the wonderful mommies behind the memes I have joined, Willa, Rose, Chris and mommy Rubz. I have yet to join Raya's Wednesday Whites but I will soon. Thank you also to the visitors, followers, likers and commentators from the bottom of my hEArt!

And lastly, I thank God for everything: for my boys, for all the blessings, for the love that's being showered to us and just for each and every day that we're together! Thank you.

Aug 4, 2011

Kidzui: The Internet Browser for Kids

Mommies, have you ever use the Kidzui browser? I think it's great for mommies like me who have kids that go online to play games, or research stuff and to learn new things. My boys love to play games online and before I discovered Kidzui, I had to sit with them to make sure they don't go to websites that are not safe for kids. I have visions of viruses, spywares or worse, of important files being deleted on my computer. Now, I can afford to take a little nap while they surf online through the Kidzui browser. 

This is how it looks like when installed on the computer.

The great thing is it has Parental Control and I had seen it block some websites that my boys went to. My boys can now watch YouTube videos appropriate to their ages. There are also so many games to choose from, each one categorized according to type, i.e, arcade, puzzle, educational, etc. And Kidzui has links to great kiddie websites like (our favorite), Curious George, Nickelodeon.

It takes all of the screen so the other programs and other files will not be accidentally clicked by little hands. I didn't know how to exit the browser without closing it down altogether, but then my five year old taught me I just had to press the Windows key on the keyboard to minimize the screen. :)

UPDATE: According to Dustin of Kidzui, on his comment below :
"For a little extra security, you can create a parent account (click the Parents button in the browser), which will grant you access to KidZui's parental controls. There you'll find an option that you can enable which will require you to enter your parent password to exit KidZui (this will also disable the Windows key while in the browser. "

I'm just glad I found Kidzui. Why don't you try it too? Your kids will never run out of things to do at Kidzui.

PS. I am not being paid in any form for this post. But I wish I am, lol. Just sharing. 

Aug 1, 2011

Kids In Doodles #13: Lovable Sqwishies

Beautiful Monday morning, everyone and happy first day of August!
This is my entry to Monday's KIDS IN DOODLES. 

Just this week, we received this wonderful package from Sqwishland, the safe virtual world for kids. This our prize to the Play and Win 50K Pinoy Contest. We did not win the 50K, but we did win this lovable collection of Sqwishies! 

The kids were all excited to receive the collectibles and had been asking me for weeks, almost everyday, when the package would arrive.Well, it did finally arrive the three days ago and the boys were really happy. How happy? Just take a look at this photo. That's happiness in Sam's eyes as he gazed at  his lineup of Sqwishies. Sam loves all thing round and small, that's why the Sqwishies are perfect toys for him. 

These are some of the Sqwishies. We didn't open all of the capsules. There are around 50 to 60 of them. Now, the opened ones are scattered all over the house. Sam hides them whenever he sees them and keeps them in his secret container, lol, so they won't get lost again. 

These are my favorites - sqweep,  sqwrog, sqwear, sqwelephant and sqworca (black). 

Sqwake, sqwig at the back, sqwrab, sqwalamander,  and sqwoctopus

Another look. That sqweep (sheep) is so cute!
We still many pieces that are unopened that we are going to share with cousins. Hubby even took some to the office to be displayed on his desk. They're lovable and cute that adults and kids love them. 

These also come with codes inside the capsules that can be used to earn sqwash which is the currency at the virtual world of Sqwishland. I don't know if we can still use these codes but then,we have lost most of the codes. That's too bad, now that I think about it. Basti is the one who's playing in Sqwishland but he hasn't logged in for awhile now because he doesn't have much computer time, with school and me using the computer almost 24 X7 now, hehe. 

Again, many thanks to Sqwishland and also to Ms. Kaye of WAHMaholic for sponsoring this contest, where we initially won the 6-pack Sqwishie tube with the winning code for this 2K worth of collectibles.

"Sqwishland is virtual world where members can own and take care of characters called Sqwishies. Members can join competition, earn sqwash by playing minigames and through other fun-filled, learning activities.Please do visit their website to learn more."