Jul 8, 2011

Sixteen Years Ago

This is a picture of hubby and I sixteen years ago, taken during a hike with former co-workers in Antipolo. There was a river there they call Tabing Ilog, so named after the then popular Pinoy TV teen show in the 90s. I don't know if that river still exists but we really had a great time there. 

The girl in red is one of my closest friends at my work back then. I'm the one on the right. Sixteen years ago,  I was skinny. Now, when I look at the mirror, I don't see the old me anymore, not even a glimpse of that skinny girl.

The kids saw this photo and they were quick to point out where their Papa was. And they couldn't find me. When we pointed out that was me beside the girl in red, Simon keep saying, "No, hindi Mama, di Mama." (Not Mama, not Mama). We laughed hysterically -- of course, at my expense.

Huhum, I badly need to lose weight.


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  1. Hahahaha di ka tuloy nakilala ni Simon hehehe.. Madali lang magloase4 weight sis, ang mahirap magshape up lol.

  2. awww...you're so skinny nga!I remember the old me too,ngayon dambuhalang kalabaw na lol!Goodluck sistah^_^


    Happy Nostalgia!

  3. I used to be so skinny too before, and I drool of my figure before I also need to lose weight lol thanks for visiting.
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  4. wow same tayo.. ako din di na makilala sang self sa kalaki... hahaha... was here sis for nostalgia.

  5. hehe, na amuse naman ako sa post mo. after giving birth, talagang mawala ang shape natin, hehe. need to trim down pa nga esp on my tummy...

    thanks for visiting my site

  6. sarap balik balikan ang mga memorable memories...so skinny indeed...I used to be skinny...hehehe..ngayon hippo na...lol!


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