Jul 20, 2011

Simon Draws 9

I was trying to finish up some of my transcription work but my little boy would not let me. He kept asking me to lie down and sleep. Finally, I gave him a piece of paper and a ballpen and just asked him to draw or write.

Drawing is not something new to him. He had pretty much used up almost all of the scratch papers in the house. He learned how to hold a ballpen adeptly even before he turned two. Yes, not a pencil but a ballpen. He doesn't like pencils that much. Everytime he says "Sulat" (write) we would hand him a pencil and he would refuse and say Botpen (ballpen).

Anyway, so finally, he stopped asking me to lie down and he got on with his drawings. A few minutes later,  thinking that he was TOO quiet, I turned around and look at his drawing. I was speechless for a moment. I think he actually drew what we had been watching on DVD for days now -- the characters of  the movie 9.

9 and his friends were attacked by a larvae like monster
I thought it was just coincidence, but then I saw another character of the movie on the same paper.

Simon's drawing of  the character "1" in the movie "9".
Do you see the resemblance? What I am happy about was that my 2 year old (almost three) is drawing from memory and has a name for everything he draws. I hope he will continue to love drawing and the arts as he grows up. Who knows, he might be a future National Artist. Ha ha, I'm daydreaming again.

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  1. Keep it up Simon! You're doing a good job.Visiting from KIDS.

  2. 2years old pa lang sya mommy? wow! galing naman..
    thanks for visting my KIDS entry..
    Have a nice day!
    Here’s mine.. http://irisjoehanna.blogspot.com/2011/07/lying-jumping-iris.html

  3. awww...galing naman nya mag drawing...

    Thanks for joining KIDS.

  4. Yeah you are so right they really had a resemblance. Thanks for dropping by at my entry.

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