Jul 23, 2011

DOT COM Domain with HOSTING Giveaway!!

The FILIPINA WAHM is giving away 5 dot com domains with self-hosted wordpress hosting for one year! Yes, you read it right! DOT COM domains will be given to two participants with the most number of comments and another three DOT COM domains will be raffled off to the remaining participants. Giveaway ends on August 10, 2011 at 11:59PM +8 GMT.

I have a personal blog that's on WordPress that I'm bringing out of the box because of this giveaway, lol. This is where I began before I started MaiThreeboyz. It's at redlanegeraine.wordpress.com. It's a personal blog, so topics are anything under the sun that catch my attention, trivial or not. Be prepared to read some of my angst, dreams, frustrations, and whatnot. I had left it idle for years but I would like to resurrect it and this giveaway would be a great vehicle in making that possible. 

Being a mommy is great and writing about my kids and family and motherhood is a joy for me. But there are so many things that I won't write here at MaiThreeBoyz even if I wanted to because this is my happy place. That other blog is for the Other Side Of Me. 

That said, the dot com domain that I want to win is redlanegeraine.com

So blogger friends, hope you can help me out. Your comments will greatly be appreciated. Anyone who comment will automatically be added to the blogroll of redlanegeraine.wordpress.com. Not that it's much, but you know, just a token of appreciation. 

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  1. oh nice.. i'm planning to start another niche blog and might try my luck on this one. thanks for sharing sis.

  2. Thank you for joining! Will announce the winners soon!
    The Filipina WAHM


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