Jun 24, 2011

When do I Levitate?

This is my official entry to
 LEVYtate and WIN a total of $500 worth of CASH and PRIZES!

When do I levitate?

I levitate as I wake up in the morning 
when I see my boys beside me;
And in the nights
whenever I see them sleeping 

I levitate every time I get a hug and a kiss 
from two sweet little boys; 
sometimes three. 
And when 
they call my name "Mama" endlessly,  
I feel that the most 
important person in the world 
is  ME.  

I levitate when 
I know I'd made them happy
Through kind words, praise 
and even just with a candy or two.  
And every time 
they would return the favor 
and say "Mama, I love you so." 

I levitate 
when I see them 
as carefree
As any little boys could be; 
just three little boys playing, 
screaming happily.

As for me, I am happy
as long as I have 
my three boys with me. 

And that,my friends, is my futile attempt at poetry and the picture above, an even more futile attempt at a jump shot. My boys had fun trying to get the jump shot captured, Simon and Sam most of all, as they try to imitate Basti. 

LEVYtate and WIN a TOTAL of $500


Hello, I'm back. I am coming out of my self-imposed blogging leave to support and join and {win! hopefully} Levy's LEVYtate and Win a total of $500 Worth of Cash and Prizes contest! Thank you Levy for this wonderful contest! I started doing all the mechanics as early as May but due to my busy schedule, I was not able to complete everything. So this early morning is LEVYtate's morning.

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The good thing about this contest is that there is segment for non-bloggers. 

So what are you waiting for? Contest ends on JUNE 30, 2011 for bloggers and July 15 for non-bloggers!

Jun 5, 2011

The Universal Pain Assessment Tool

Hello there! Thanks for dropping by. I would be on a self imposed blogging leave until maybe the third half June or until I can't anymore resist the temptation of sharing another post or joining another meme, whichever comes first. Not that anyone will miss me but just thought I'd let you know, those who visit me and for those who I visit regularly during memes. 

The opening of classes will keep me busy for many days to come as I will be adjusting to the challenge of having now two students at home, a pre-schooler and a fourth grade student. And aside from taking care of these two students of mine, I have another little boy who will keep me at my wit's end during my spare time, not to mention that I have an online job that I need to concentrate on. 

For this schoolyear, I am committing to be a better mentor and guide to my two older boys. Yup, that's better said than done. I want to better than I was last year, anyhow. I want to be able to check every assignment, and have that regular and scheduled    review sessions. Really, really, really wish me luck, hahaha.

I will leave you with this image that I got from the old chest (lumang baul, lol). 

I hope this will be helpful to moms and other people who find it hard to answer the question "On a scale of one to ten, how painful is it?" And I've been asked this many times because of my migraine, and I always answer 10, hahaha. It's unbearable. But my pain is not your pain, and my pain is different from yours, because I have very low level of pain tolerance. But that's another story. 

That's it for now. Have a great day, stay dry and be safe, everyone!