May 19, 2011

Nostalgia: First Cry


When people ask me what it is that I remember the most when I gave birth, I always tell them  that it would be my babies' first cry. My first memories of Basti and Sam would be their wide mouth bawling their hearts out into my face and into my heart, the smell of their sweet breath, and so distinct -- the sound of their first cry.

With Simon, my first memory would be him being held upside down by my OB and him crying so angrily and loudly, as if in protests at being handled that way. I do feel though that the moment I was supposed to hold him my arms was stolen from me because I was groggy, I didn't even know he was there already on my chest. 

So this is my Nostalgia moment for this week. I missed posting the week before and the week after Mother's Day and so I am being nostalgic about my boys' first moments in the world. 

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  1. What a cutie and adorable baby! Sure it was the best experience of motherhood. Sulit talaga ang sakit ng panganganak when you heard your baby's cry, finally saw him and carried him in your bosom.

    I am here for my Nostalgia visit. My entry is up and running here:


  2. Ahhh those first cry! I am with you with the groggy feeling. Who would forget those loud firs cry of lour precious babies! Thanks for joining once again sis. Love those baby pics!

  3. very memorable sis.. ang galing naman ng pagkagawa..:)

    Hope You can come and visit my First Nostalgia Post

  4. awww...such a cuties and a sweet post!lol at your question at the doctor^_^
    Napaka-delicate pa nila ditong hawakan anoh?btw,pano nyo ba ginawa ang 3 boys nyo? got 3 girls kasi eh^_^

    Thanks for dropping by dear and nice meeting you here at Nostalgia and KID.

    Have a nice day!

  5. @mommy clars, natawa naman ako sa tanong mong yan, hahaha. Basta ang alam ko, my eldest's and second's birthdays are 7 days apart and I'm sure they're made on the same day but 4 years apart, hehehe. Magkapareho siguro sila birthday kung di nainduce ang second one. Kaya I believe dun sa chinese conception calendar ba yun? e pano naman gumawa ng girls, ahaha?

    @january, tenks! bilib nga ako sa mga scrap mo sa post, eh.

    @lainy and willa, sulit talaga. Basti did not cry kasi naipit sya because I didn't know how to push. Up to now, I'm thinking of how I almost lost my first born. God is good.

  6. that is so cute. This is really sweet and all the very best. We would love to invite you to our facebook page where we have some lovely parents like you sharing lovely moments. Here's the page:

    I thought you will have a good time just the way you might have shopping for your little ones on

  7. Very touching entry at nakakaiyak din. sarap nga pakinggan ang first cry ng babies natin.

    Hope you can visit my Nostalgia entry:

  8. So sweet and touching naman sis.

    Here's my entry. Hope you can visit and if you like, join the fun at Messy Go Round.See You! Thanks a lot!

  9. And thats the sweetest cry we as mothers want to hear during delivery. BTW here's mine, thanks Mary Anne’s Musings

  10. Oh that is a cute post for nostalgia....mine is up.

  11. cute baby and yes their first cry quite reminiscing and so fint:)

    my nostalgia is up too!

  12. those are great memories to remember. such a sweet Nostalgia post you have here. It makes me inggit,i have no baby pa kasi.

    mine's at Unmasked Thoughts

  13. who can ever forgot those first cry?!

  14. wow! talagang memorable ah..ako naman si Iris parang hindi umiyak masyado..
    from nostalgia sis..
    Mommy you might want to join Orange Tuesdays Meme. Would love to see you there..


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