May 28, 2011

Dear Mommy Friend

Today I'll write a short letter to a very good friend, a mom like me, who taught me so many things in life and taught me a lot about motherhood and about being a friend. I will be emotional, and before I'm done, I know I'll be crying my heart out once again. 

First two picture were taken 15 to 20 years ago. I'm the sun burnt girl on the left, in case you're wondering. The last picture was taken around 8 years ago when Basti was still a baby. I've grown so much since then, oh yeah. Tina and I go way back since we were kids, a door apart from each other.

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  1. Weeeee, alleluiah okay na hehehe.. Sowi kakacheck ko lang kasi email ko.

    Anyway, my chest ached when I read your entry kasi I feel what you are feeling, lalo na dito na wala akong masyadong kakilala.. Through blogs lang talaga ako nakakapagvent out hehehe. Hope your friend will pass all the difficulties that she and her family is experiencing.

    Join ka ulit this week.

  2. What a beautiful letter to a friend! I hope she's okay, and yes, miracles do happen! God listens to all our prayers, and in God's time, she will be healed!

  3. Thanks for dropping by Rose and Tetcha. Wow, you're my first commenters for June.
    @Rose, if tina is well today, she would have been blogging too. She's a writer at heart. I'm sure mag bi-vent out din sya sa blogs.

    I'll be on a self-imposed blogging leave till the kids get settled sa school. So this may be my last post for now. Thanks much.

  4. Nice! More bonding moments with mom friends!

  5. aww.. hope she gets well soon mai. she seems to be such a fighter and with the aid of some prayers, God might just show a miracle through her.

    Sheryl of GEORYL and Techie She


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