May 28, 2011

Dear Mommy Friend

Today I'll write a short letter to a very good friend, a mom like me, who taught me so many things in life and taught me a lot about motherhood and about being a friend. I will be emotional, and before I'm done, I know I'll be crying my heart out once again. 

First two picture were taken 15 to 20 years ago. I'm the sun burnt girl on the left, in case you're wondering. The last picture was taken around 8 years ago when Basti was still a baby. I've grown so much since then, oh yeah. Tina and I go way back since we were kids, a door apart from each other.

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May 27, 2011

Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaway: FUN

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 1. This week’s prize is one year blog hosting sponsored by Sheryl of GEORYL

Isn't this FUN? A meme and giveaway rolled in one! Now, for me the prize adds even more to the fun, and I'm excited to win because I want (badly want) that one year of blog hosting. 

Since we're talking about fun, let me share the FUN times my kids always have in front of the camera.  Let the pictures speak for themselves!

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May 25, 2011

Kids In Doodles #4: Finally Some Doodles


I've searched for weeks for some of my boys' past artworks but couldn't find any, not even photos of them. They're just here in the house somewhere. I just could find the time to dig through old stuff in the room upstairs. Good thing, while browsing through our December pics, I saw this photo of Simon and his  slates. 

I was window shopping for Christmas presents in a nearby mall when I saw these slates. A pair only cost around P50, a little over a dollar, and complete with the markers. Sam and Simon had fun with these slates but lost interest within a few hours. I didn't know which came first, the pens running out of ink or the pens being disassembled. 

This is one of Simon's first set of doodles. Now, he can draw a face that has circles as mouth nose and eyes. He can also draw a body made of sticks, (with arms, hands, legs and feet.) 

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May 20, 2011

Mommy Moments: Mother's Day 2011 - What was I thinking?

mommy moments

Mother's Day was an uneventful day for me. Although I can't say I'm sad about that. I had an eye infection that started a week before Mother's Day and everything was a blur to me and I can't say I've been a happy camper.  I pretty much wanted to be left alone. So I was not sad, truth to tell, that I did not receive any cards from the kids, nor flowers from hubby, or we did not go  out to dinner or things like that. Just a few greetings from friends and family already made my day.  
I was happy though that hubby woke up early in the morning to cook his specialties, biko and spaghetti. That was his silent way of showing that particular Sunday was a special day for the two women in his life, his mother and me. My husband is a man of few words and I love that about him. 

After a helping of delicious spaghetti and biko and with hubby and the boys off to my mother in law's house,  I couldn't help thinking about other moms out there. Particularly about my mom, but I'll save my thoughts about her on my next MM post. 

So what was I thinking? What went on my mind? On that Sunday, I was thinking about Jessica Rasalan, the lost child in SM Hypermarket. Thinking about her mom, actually. How could you greet someone like her who just recently lost a child a happy Mother's Day? Being a mom myself, my heart aches for her. Twenty-two days passed but Jessica still has not been found. 

On the day they lost her, husband and I were at SM Sucat where we saw a movie. After the movie, we went to the mall's hypermarket to buy some groceries. It is there where I saw an old woman talking to the guards and customer service reps of mall. She had with her a picture which she was giving to the guard. I got curious and took a look and the woman showed me the picture of a little girl, only two years old, who she said went missing that morning inside the mall's hypermarket. It was only days later that I got to know the child's name through Levy's post which you can view HERE

We can still help. The relatives of Jessica has set up a Facebook Fan Page, the Please Help Find Jessica Rasalan page. Hope you can all like it and share it with everyone you know. Let's help another mom in need.

UPDATE may 28th 2011: According to the Please Help Find Jessica Rasalan Facebook Fan Page, Jessica has already been returned to her family. Thank you God for the answered prayers!                               

And what else was I thinking that day? Well, I was thinking about Mommy Dionisia Pacquiao. Of how fervently she prayed in her prayer room, and how she fainted when Manny won. I feel for her when she begs Manny not to fight again. She must have felt every blow, her heart must have skipped a beat at least a dozen times. For us, moms, our kids will be our little boys no matter how old and no matter how strong they are. 

May 19, 2011

Nostalgia: First Cry


When people ask me what it is that I remember the most when I gave birth, I always tell them  that it would be my babies' first cry. My first memories of Basti and Sam would be their wide mouth bawling their hearts out into my face and into my heart, the smell of their sweet breath, and so distinct -- the sound of their first cry.

With Simon, my first memory would be him being held upside down by my OB and him crying so angrily and loudly, as if in protests at being handled that way. I do feel though that the moment I was supposed to hold him my arms was stolen from me because I was groggy, I didn't even know he was there already on my chest. 

So this is my Nostalgia moment for this week. I missed posting the week before and the week after Mother's Day and so I am being nostalgic about my boys' first moments in the world. 

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May 16, 2011

Kids In Doodles (KID) #3 : My copycats

Here are photos of my boys acting out what they see in the movies and what they see around them. I'm glad that my boys know how to improvise and can make toys and have fun out of the simplest things.

Right after watching Hellboy on DVD, the boys decided they wanted to be Hellboy. They used blankets to attain that Hellboy look. 

Simon pretending to be a puppy, complete with sound effects. That puppy headgear is actually the cover of his kiddie chair. 

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May 10, 2011

Kids In Doodles (KIDS) #2: Sam Mukhasim

Happy Mother's Day, mommies!

Today I will be sharing one of Sam's antics in front of the camera.
He loves to take pictures and loves wacky poses.
This is one I especially like. 
I think I have posted this before. 
But this is the one I found today that made me smile and laugh.
He was looking into our bag of groceries, found this pouch of Datu Puti vinegar
and started making faces. We couldn't help but take a shot. 

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May 2, 2011

Kids In Doodles # 1: Busy Simon

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For my first entry, I will be featuring my little Simon.
These photos were taken when he was just a year old.
He loves to imitate what we adults do.
If he could do everything on his own, he would.

Isn't he a busy bee?

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May 1, 2011

One Proud Momma and Make Money Online Anniversary Giveaway!

I love joining contests! There's so many contests that I had so wanted to join in the past but did not had the time to do so. I was able to join in just a few and finally won in one and that's Mommy Chris' contest. I love the feeling of winning and swore I would join more.

And guess what, here comes Eihdra's One Proud Momma and Make Money Online's First Anniversary Giveaway! I'm all set to join (and win!) this wonderful contest!

One Proud Momma

Happy Anniversary, Eidhra, on your two blogs!

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I am actually only aiming for the minor prize which is a Furano Mango Tops by November. Wish me luck!!!

Mommy Moments: Black and White

mommy moments

I want to share today my husband's art. 
He really loves to draw and paint, using any medium. 
This is a sample of his charcoal painting. 
The picture he used for this was taken Easter of 2009.

I like myself better in this painting than in the original picture, hahaha! 

And then he photocopied this picture of Basti, turned it into black and white 

And made a caricature out of it. 

Basti loves his caricature. 
I'm so glad he also knows how to draw at his age. 
One of these days I'll post some of his artworks on a separate post. 

For now, Happy MM everyone. 
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