Mar 2, 2011

Summer Plans: Camping

It's almost summer once again. Just last night, Basti hinted to us that he wanted to sleep outside of the house. We didn't get what he meant at first.  He explained that he wanted to sleep under the stars and the moon. "Then we should go camping!", husband and I exclaimed. What a good idea. I like that idea too. Camping and traveling is something that we've never done before with the kids. Maybe now that Sam and Basti are old enough, we should start thinking about that. 

I may need the help of my brothers on this. And it would be good to have all the cousins to tag along, too. We need a vehicle and since they have their own vehicles, I will need to use my 'powers' to get them to go with us. Aside from the fact that it would be a great family bonding activity, it would benefit me the most if they go, tee-hee! Aside from not having the budget to rent a car, I simply don't know anything about cars. And cars is simply not one of my hubby's passion/interest. So I wouldn't be able to gauge if the vehicle we'd be renting is in good condition or not. I can't even distinguish one car from another, like distinguish a Toyota Camry from any other cars, or from any other Toyotas for that matter. 

I would like to be able to travel with peace of mind, paranoid as I am. My brothers will be able to take care of everything like auto repairs if ever will need one on the way or even the task of having to check engine light. I can see them already in my head, all my three brothers, bounded by their love of cars and engines. 

If ever this camping idea will push through, it will be long journey for my kids who will be first-timers. The only place that I can think of where we'll be at home is at my parent's hometown, down south. We might go camping near the beach. Perfect! Swimming during the day and camping out during the night. Oh, I hope this pushes through. 

What about you? What are your plans for this summer? 

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  1. I had my first camping trip in Calaguas and I didn't prepare for it. Some of the tips that I can share is have a decent "matress" and pillows since the ground is quite hard. Other than that you and your boys are quite safe inside the tent. Be sure to make a bonfire with huge marshmallows and some chocos to melt with. Goodluck!


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