Mar 25, 2011

Mommy Moments : White

mommy moments

White! Now that's something we'll never run out of. We have so many pictures with white in them. But what I'm gonna share for today's Mommy Moments is Basti in white shirt at his First Holy Communion. 

Basti was so proud of himself. I think he was happy that finally he can take the Communion during mass and not be left behind. Do you know, that according to a study, children who have not taken First Communion yet feel left out during this part of the Catholic mass? I read that somewhere when I was trying to find materials to show Basti what the First Communion means and how important it is in his life. 

I have another white ensemble that is very important to my three boys. The white short and shirt they wore during their baptismal was one and the same, handed down from Basti to Sam and then to Simon. I just need to find the  pictures of that in the old chest (lumang baul, hehe) and scan them later today. 

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Have a nice weekend, everyone! Be happy and be safe!


  1. That is why we seldom take communion because our son cries every time one of us goes hehehe.. Good job Basti.

    Snow White, come and see.

  2. I son always makes tantrums whenever it is communion time...he would usually say that the priest ignored him...

    happy mommy moments!

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  3. Holy Communion indeed represents pureness and perfect for white outfit! He is so adorable in white!

  4. parang kapatid ko din..ang saya nya sa first com nya..

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  5. he looks so angelic in white. my toddlers would have to wait for a long while before they could participate in this Sacrament. Here they are in their whites

  6. this one is priceless...i remember mine, its like this din! happy for your son! PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...wishing you a blessed weekend!

  7. ...moments like this are just PRICELESS...

    ang gwapo naman ng binata mo sis

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  8. will standby for the photos of that white shirt and shorts that they wore during baptismal :D hope you find it from the baul hehe :D my MM is here

  9. Thanks Pepper!
    @Jona, I still have to find it sa lumang baul. But it's gonna be my assignment, haha.


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