Mar 19, 2011

Mommy Moments : Purple

Ah there, I'm sorry for the late post. Finally found the time amidst work deadlines and screaming kids.

This is my entry to Mommy Moments. You can find other Mommy Moments purpleness by clicking on the image below. 

mommy moments

Kuya Basti is in third grade. Last February, his school held what they call as Field Day. I think the Field Day is sort of sports demo day because kids from the Nursery to Grade 3 did not get to play any sports but only got to present a sports dance. The Field Day was then followed by an Intramurals which only the higher levels including high school participated in.

I don't know why the shirts don't look purple on the screen but I swear they are. Only pale. I wanted to post a video of them dancing but Basti has "violent" reactions, LOL.

Happy weekend everyone. Be happy and be safe. 


  1. "violent" reaction ba?lol! Thanks for visiting my entry.

  2. violent reaction nga... kulang na lang agawin sa aken ang keyboard. binata na kasi, conscious na sa syaw nya.

  3. awww nahihiya na ang binata. :)

    Happy MM! Sorry for the late visit. :) Here's my purple entry:

    Mars @ The Life Encounters

  4. He could have turned purple if you posted the video. Glad you didn't :)

  5. Looks like may binata ka na tlga dahil nadyadyahe na sya about the video. I just read your comment sis and ur right na pwedi na cyang mging isang blog post! lol! But I really appreciate what you've said and I've learned a lot from it. After reading it a felt some sort of relief and my determination to teach him has flourish again. i'll just keep on trying and have a little more patience until maging honor student din cya like your kids. :)

    Thanks again ha. Have a blessed Sunday to u and ur family. :)

  6. heheeh nkkatuwa nmn your son!

  7. @Mars, no problem. Late den naman ako magpost, ahehe.
    @Hazel,korek! thanks for visiting!
    @Eds, oo nga. nagulat ako, haha. damang dama ko kasi ang situation mo. glad to know i was able to help in my own little way.
    @niko,thanks for visiting! malapit na daw kasi syang maging binata,haha.

  8. hahaha! cute FIELD DAY picture. i will post my daughter's FIELD DAY one of these days, lol!

  9. wow, that's nice field day picture, reminds me of my younger years! :) nagsayaw din yata ako ng ganyan nung elemntary, hehehe! :) PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...was here but late, sorry! have a great week!

  10. i bet my sons will come to a part when they wouldn't want me posting photos or videos of them too :D


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