Mar 12, 2011

Kids' Health: Toilet Training and Constipation

We are proud to say that when it comes to our youngest, Simon, we are officially diaper-free since January of this year. He doesn't pee on his shorts anymore and pretty much do his own thing and can sleep soundly at night without wetting his bed, err our bed. They say that every child's development is unique. Among the three, Simon got toilet trained the fastest. Having his two older brothers really helped a lot especially so that he tends to copy everything that they do. It also helps that the Simon is a very, very independent child. His independence shows at a very young age.

The only problem that we had the past weeks was that Simon was often constipated. They say that this condition is common among toddlers during toilet training. It had gotten so bad that although I know what to do I considered taking him to the hospital or his doctor's clinic for check-up. I really didn't want to bring him to the clinic because he becomes so upset and cries so loud every time he realizes we're inside a clinic and sees nurses in their nursing uniforms. We don't know where he got this fear. He hasn't been injected with anything in any of the clinics that his current pedia is in. The nurses in their very visually-appealing and warm nursing scrubs could only shake their heads and smile nervously. There were times when Simon gets distracted with prints on a nurse's uniform but not for long because his fear overrides his fascination most of the time. 

So I just try to make do with what I know to alleviate my child's discomfort. Even my sister exerted extra effort to help him out. We cut down on junk food (yes, guilty). We tried giving more fruit juices and water. He eats vegetables so there's no problem serving him that, we just added more. I begun to stop working during the afternoons to take him out for walks around the neighborhood on a more regular basis because I read somewhere that that helps reduce constipation. We even had Simon watch videos of other kids who are toilet training on YouTube just to show him that it's a normal process to pass stool.

Somehow, our efforts are paying off. Simon's BM is becoming more and more regular and is a happier toddler nowadays. I am so proud of my little boy.

It's a good thing that because of technology and the existence of the worldwide web, we mommies have so many resources for toilet training and/or constipation that we can look up online. Knowing that there are other moms and kids that are going through the same phase somehow lessens my anxiety. So, thanks to the worldwide web, I am now a more informed and less anxious mom.

How about you, moms? Did you through the same thing when your kids are young? Or are you a young mom who's going through it right now?

Happy weekend everyone!

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