Mar 11, 2011

Japan Hit By 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake

This just came in through my Yahoo! News subscription. You can check the details at Yahoo! News.

An 8.8 according to Yahoo! but 8.9 magnitude earthquake according to USGS . That's huge! The quake hit at 2:46 p.m and was followed by aftershocks. It triggered 13-foot tsunami along the coast near the epicenter, which toppled down some buildings and washed away cars.  

Here's what I got from the USGS Website :

The aftershocks ranges from 4.7 to 7.1 according to the USGS Real Time Earthquake Map. 

Geez, if this happened in the Phil, I would have probably gone out of my mind by now. 

This really made me cry. 

Let's pray for the safety of all those living in the epicenter and the coastal areas. More so, let's pray for our OFW's living and working in Japan. May they be safe and may there be no tears shed today from families they left behind in the Philippines. Let's pray. 

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