Mar 6, 2011

The Fight Against Mosquitoes

I am having a battle with mosquitoes. And I intend to win. Ha ha, easier said than done. I'm scared of mosquitoes and scared that my kids will be bitten. I had dengue before and it's something that I pray my kids would never get. So I'm on a mission – a mission to find the best way to destroy all the mosquitoes in my house. Not inside my house, actually but on our front yard. I try to keep the place clean and dry as much as I can but they keep coming back, and in huge numbers at that.

I tried to find solutions online and here are some of the things I got.

From Dr. Abe Rotor of Living with Nature:  raise kataba fish or poeciliids in the backyard. Poecilids help eradicate dengue and malaria carrying mosquitoes. -- Can't do this, no backyard.:) Good to know, though.

From a forum, I found out that putting some water in a white dinner plate and adding drops of Lemon Fresh Joy Dish Washing Liquid will help eradicate mosquitoes. I just have to set the dish outside on our window sill overnight. Apparently, mosquitoes will swarm around it, drink the water with the dishwashing liquid and die. -- Hmmm, I guess I'll try this one. Sounds so easy. Hope it works. 

From different sources, citronella candle. Guaranteed to work. Okey-dokey, next stop will be at SM to buy some.

Some other suggestions are mosquito patches, mosquitoes-repelling lotions. (Good for protection for the kids. But I want the mosquitoes gone.)

Some suggest to have a lot of neem trees around the house. (Where would I get that?) Others suggest to burn dried lanzones peelings. (Is it lanzones season yet?)

I hope I find the right solution soon. I don't where the breeding ground of this mosquitoes are. I may have to call DOH or an insecticide company to do some intensive spraying.

DOH, by the way, is giving out OL traps, Ovicidal/Larvicidal trap. The traps consist of tumbler, strip of lawanit board and natural pellets designed to attract the female mosquitoes to lay eggs on the trap. The pellets once dissolved with water kills the eggs and the larvae. Anyone know anyone in DOH?

Wish me luck on my quest!

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