Mar 30, 2011

Mommy Events On The First Weekend of April

These are two fun filled events for the family that will be happening in the first weekend of April.

On Saturday, April 2: Expo Kid at Rockwell. 

On Sunday, April 3 : GH Family Fun Run 2011 at the Manila Ocean Park. 

Mar 25, 2011

Mommy Moments : White

mommy moments

White! Now that's something we'll never run out of. We have so many pictures with white in them. But what I'm gonna share for today's Mommy Moments is Basti in white shirt at his First Holy Communion. 

Basti was so proud of himself. I think he was happy that finally he can take the Communion during mass and not be left behind. Do you know, that according to a study, children who have not taken First Communion yet feel left out during this part of the Catholic mass? I read that somewhere when I was trying to find materials to show Basti what the First Communion means and how important it is in his life. 

I have another white ensemble that is very important to my three boys. The white short and shirt they wore during their baptismal was one and the same, handed down from Basti to Sam and then to Simon. I just need to find the  pictures of that in the old chest (lumang baul, hehe) and scan them later today. 

For now, feel free to visit other mommies at Mommy Moments

Have a nice weekend, everyone! Be happy and be safe!

Mar 22, 2011

The Smart Bro's Broadbandest Blowout : Our Story

The first week of March my sister and I were at our wit's end. Our broadband connection with another company (not Smart, of course!) was sooooo sloooow that it almost made me cry. This can't happen! My sister and I are transcribers and sometimes we transcribe real time. We need a fast and reliable connection. I won't get into details anymore but to cut a long story short, we were forced to terminate our contract with that broadband company and had the termination fee waived. 

So we compared prices, availability, and promotions of other broadband companies.  Good thing I was subscribed to Boy Kuripot's Feed and saw the Smart Bro's Broadbandest Blowout. Perfect! Thanks, Boy Kuripot! 

We applied online but we were really excited and can't afford to wait for a call so my sister went to the nearest Smart wireless center in our place. The very next day, the our Smart Broadband antenna was installed (we got a canopy) and we finally have consistent surf speed and stable signal. Aside from the Unlimited Home Broadband Plan for P999 we also got :  

* Free All-In-One HP Printer

Finally, I was able to print out the learning materials that I won from a previous blog contest and have my boys work on them. I was so happy too I was able to scan old pictures with the free HP Printer.

This is the first photo I scanned, a picture taken more than a decade ago of my nieces and nephews who are all now Facebook users. 

**Free Gold Lite SIM under Plan 300 for six (6) months

Imagine that! My sister and I planned to give this to our parents in the province so they'd be able to text and call anytime without having to worry about running out of load anymore. Peace of mind for us and the family. With Smart Gold Lite Plan, we'll be connected anytime. 

***Free 1 month broadband subscription 

We have a two year subscription so this Free Bro subscription for one (1) month will be effective on the 24th month. So far so good, hope it stays that way. 

Smart asked Nuffnangers, how's it going? Well, I'm doing very well, thank you! Everyone in the household is happy. My sister and I are happy. We have fast unlimited, stable connection where we can download our audio files and I can bloghop to my heart's content. My husband is happy with the HP printer/scanner and has made it a point to scan old pictures of the kids for posterity's sake in this digital age. My parents would be happy with the Smart load, should they decide to take it. 

And best of all, my kids are super happy that they can play their online games again and they don't have to cry like before when Y8 hangs, ha ha. 

Don't worry, my kids are monitored whenever they play. There are two mouses, one works and one doesn't. This is what we call the Battle of the Mouse. The youngest just have to have that mouse. :) This is an old picture actually. But just to show you how they feel about their daily dose of online games. 

So that's it. The SmartBro's Broadbandest Blowout runs  from March 4 to June 4, 2011. Visit Smart Bro website for the details or go to your nearest Wireless Center. 

Mar 19, 2011

Mommy Moments : Purple

Ah there, I'm sorry for the late post. Finally found the time amidst work deadlines and screaming kids.

This is my entry to Mommy Moments. You can find other Mommy Moments purpleness by clicking on the image below. 

mommy moments

Kuya Basti is in third grade. Last February, his school held what they call as Field Day. I think the Field Day is sort of sports demo day because kids from the Nursery to Grade 3 did not get to play any sports but only got to present a sports dance. The Field Day was then followed by an Intramurals which only the higher levels including high school participated in.

I don't know why the shirts don't look purple on the screen but I swear they are. Only pale. I wanted to post a video of them dancing but Basti has "violent" reactions, LOL.

Happy weekend everyone. Be happy and be safe. 

Mar 15, 2011

Shots of World Pyro Olympics 2011

Fireworks never fail to brighten my day. Being sad lately and kinda anxious for what has happened in Japan, I was happy to have seen these photos, delivered to my Facebook Feeds and taken by my brother, of the World Pyro Olympics last weekend. 

For a few moments, I allowed myself to stop looking at the chaos that is Japan today and enjoyed these photos and marveled instead on how far my brother has gone as a professional photographer. The thought somehow lifted my spirit and diverted my thoughts from images of Japan that has consumed me (and the rest of the world) for the past few days. 

Hope you enjoyed these photos! 

For more of my brother's work, you can visit

Mar 12, 2011

Kids' Health: Toilet Training and Constipation

We are proud to say that when it comes to our youngest, Simon, we are officially diaper-free since January of this year. He doesn't pee on his shorts anymore and pretty much do his own thing and can sleep soundly at night without wetting his bed, err our bed. They say that every child's development is unique. Among the three, Simon got toilet trained the fastest. Having his two older brothers really helped a lot especially so that he tends to copy everything that they do. It also helps that the Simon is a very, very independent child. His independence shows at a very young age.

The only problem that we had the past weeks was that Simon was often constipated. They say that this condition is common among toddlers during toilet training. It had gotten so bad that although I know what to do I considered taking him to the hospital or his doctor's clinic for check-up. I really didn't want to bring him to the clinic because he becomes so upset and cries so loud every time he realizes we're inside a clinic and sees nurses in their nursing uniforms. We don't know where he got this fear. He hasn't been injected with anything in any of the clinics that his current pedia is in. The nurses in their very visually-appealing and warm nursing scrubs could only shake their heads and smile nervously. There were times when Simon gets distracted with prints on a nurse's uniform but not for long because his fear overrides his fascination most of the time. 

So I just try to make do with what I know to alleviate my child's discomfort. Even my sister exerted extra effort to help him out. We cut down on junk food (yes, guilty). We tried giving more fruit juices and water. He eats vegetables so there's no problem serving him that, we just added more. I begun to stop working during the afternoons to take him out for walks around the neighborhood on a more regular basis because I read somewhere that that helps reduce constipation. We even had Simon watch videos of other kids who are toilet training on YouTube just to show him that it's a normal process to pass stool.

Somehow, our efforts are paying off. Simon's BM is becoming more and more regular and is a happier toddler nowadays. I am so proud of my little boy.

It's a good thing that because of technology and the existence of the worldwide web, we mommies have so many resources for toilet training and/or constipation that we can look up online. Knowing that there are other moms and kids that are going through the same phase somehow lessens my anxiety. So, thanks to the worldwide web, I am now a more informed and less anxious mom.

How about you, moms? Did you through the same thing when your kids are young? Or are you a young mom who's going through it right now?

Happy weekend everyone!

Mommy Moments: GREEN

mommy moments

I grew up thinking my favorite color was blue. Looking back, I really didn't know why. It just seems so cool, the color blue, and it is. Maybe because when I was young, in high school, the blue sky was all around me. All I got to do is look out the window or step out of the door and the blueness of the sky greets me along with the scorching heat of the sun. There were no buildings and not so many trees to hide the view of the sky. It's like it's summer the whole year round.

But this post is not about the color blue. It's about the color GREEN. Motherhood has changed me. From the coolness of the color blue, I somehow, over the years, shifted my preference to the warmth of the color orange and the freshness of the color green. Nowadays, we have green linoleum on our floor, green curtains most of the time, green cabinets, tables and chairs in the house. We even have green pillows.

The kids have a choice on the color of the clothes that they wear. Simon, my youngest and at two years old, pretty much decides on everything he wears. His choice does not depend on colors but on the characters imprinted on his clothes. One day, he'd go for Superman, and then later on the day will change to Spiderman theme, or become a Power Ranger the next day. And yes, he can put on his clothes, from head to toe, on his own. 
Just this morning before dawn, he woke up and saw the set of Toy Story clothes his aunt gave him for Christmas and guess what, it's all green! Perfect for Mommy Moments, LOL! He woke up at 2:30am and just fell asleep on our plastic chair at 9am, still wearing his green shirt and shorts.

I just couldn't resist taking a pic of my little angel sleeping.

Mar 11, 2011

Japan Hit By 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake

This just came in through my Yahoo! News subscription. You can check the details at Yahoo! News.

An 8.8 according to Yahoo! but 8.9 magnitude earthquake according to USGS . That's huge! The quake hit at 2:46 p.m and was followed by aftershocks. It triggered 13-foot tsunami along the coast near the epicenter, which toppled down some buildings and washed away cars.  

Here's what I got from the USGS Website :

The aftershocks ranges from 4.7 to 7.1 according to the USGS Real Time Earthquake Map. 

Geez, if this happened in the Phil, I would have probably gone out of my mind by now. 

This really made me cry. 

Let's pray for the safety of all those living in the epicenter and the coastal areas. More so, let's pray for our OFW's living and working in Japan. May they be safe and may there be no tears shed today from families they left behind in the Philippines. Let's pray. 

Mar 8, 2011

Alphabet Fishing: Handmade Learning Material for Kids

Last year, Sam's teacher asked us mommies if we could bring a small pole with a magnet dangling on a string attached to it. I didn't quite get that at first and so I had to see a sample. Only when I saw what it was for that I understood that what she was asking for was sort of a handmade fishing pole for alphabet fishing.

Alphabet fishing, what a good idea! 

All you have to do is make a 'fish' out of a cardboard. You can be as creative as you want. Attach a paper clip. Attach a letter of the alphabet using a double sided tape.

You have to have a small piece of magnet tied to a string. And then the string needs to be tied to the pole of course.

This is how it will look like. The more colorful the better.

I put all of the fishes inside our old baby tub. 

Simon mixing. 

Little boy Simon concentrating on catching a fish. No, his hand was not in his mouth. He's actually posing for the camera ala Mr. Pogi. 

This handmade learning tool is great for kids who are beginning to learn colors, numbers and letters. You can actually use this for alphabet fishing, number fishing or just plain 'color' fishing. It's a fund and easy game for toddlers and pre-schoolers.

Mar 6, 2011

The Fight Against Mosquitoes

I am having a battle with mosquitoes. And I intend to win. Ha ha, easier said than done. I'm scared of mosquitoes and scared that my kids will be bitten. I had dengue before and it's something that I pray my kids would never get. So I'm on a mission – a mission to find the best way to destroy all the mosquitoes in my house. Not inside my house, actually but on our front yard. I try to keep the place clean and dry as much as I can but they keep coming back, and in huge numbers at that.

I tried to find solutions online and here are some of the things I got.

From Dr. Abe Rotor of Living with Nature:  raise kataba fish or poeciliids in the backyard. Poecilids help eradicate dengue and malaria carrying mosquitoes. -- Can't do this, no backyard.:) Good to know, though.

From a forum, I found out that putting some water in a white dinner plate and adding drops of Lemon Fresh Joy Dish Washing Liquid will help eradicate mosquitoes. I just have to set the dish outside on our window sill overnight. Apparently, mosquitoes will swarm around it, drink the water with the dishwashing liquid and die. -- Hmmm, I guess I'll try this one. Sounds so easy. Hope it works. 

From different sources, citronella candle. Guaranteed to work. Okey-dokey, next stop will be at SM to buy some.

Some other suggestions are mosquito patches, mosquitoes-repelling lotions. (Good for protection for the kids. But I want the mosquitoes gone.)

Some suggest to have a lot of neem trees around the house. (Where would I get that?) Others suggest to burn dried lanzones peelings. (Is it lanzones season yet?)

I hope I find the right solution soon. I don't where the breeding ground of this mosquitoes are. I may have to call DOH or an insecticide company to do some intensive spraying.

DOH, by the way, is giving out OL traps, Ovicidal/Larvicidal trap. The traps consist of tumbler, strip of lawanit board and natural pellets designed to attract the female mosquitoes to lay eggs on the trap. The pellets once dissolved with water kills the eggs and the larvae. Anyone know anyone in DOH?

Wish me luck on my quest!

Mar 2, 2011

Summer Plans: Camping

It's almost summer once again. Just last night, Basti hinted to us that he wanted to sleep outside of the house. We didn't get what he meant at first.  He explained that he wanted to sleep under the stars and the moon. "Then we should go camping!", husband and I exclaimed. What a good idea. I like that idea too. Camping and traveling is something that we've never done before with the kids. Maybe now that Sam and Basti are old enough, we should start thinking about that. 

I may need the help of my brothers on this. And it would be good to have all the cousins to tag along, too. We need a vehicle and since they have their own vehicles, I will need to use my 'powers' to get them to go with us. Aside from the fact that it would be a great family bonding activity, it would benefit me the most if they go, tee-hee! Aside from not having the budget to rent a car, I simply don't know anything about cars. And cars is simply not one of my hubby's passion/interest. So I wouldn't be able to gauge if the vehicle we'd be renting is in good condition or not. I can't even distinguish one car from another, like distinguish a Toyota Camry from any other cars, or from any other Toyotas for that matter. 

I would like to be able to travel with peace of mind, paranoid as I am. My brothers will be able to take care of everything like auto repairs if ever will need one on the way or even the task of having to check engine light. I can see them already in my head, all my three brothers, bounded by their love of cars and engines. 

If ever this camping idea will push through, it will be long journey for my kids who will be first-timers. The only place that I can think of where we'll be at home is at my parent's hometown, down south. We might go camping near the beach. Perfect! Swimming during the day and camping out during the night. Oh, I hope this pushes through. 

What about you? What are your plans for this summer?