Feb 3, 2011

Call Center Mommy No More

Finally, I'm done with our new look. I have decided to change the name of this blog from Three Little Boys and A Call Center Mommy to MaiThreeBoyz. Why? Simply because it's been a year now since I left work as a call center agent. I'm now a certified work at home mom. So the old name doesn't fit anymore.

New Year, new look, new outlook. 

I had fun redesigning this blog. Good thing Blogger has a template designer. I suddenly realized that I love the color orange, a realization brought about by joining the Minute Maid contest, hahaha. Congrats to the winners by the way. 

Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone. Hope you like our new design. 


  1. wow :) glad for you!

    by the way, you won the letter of the week curriculum! please email me at amador dot christine at gmail dot com with your email address :)



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