Jan 6, 2011

Blowing Bubbles

For this year, 2011, I promised myself that my kids will have more sunshine and fun. They had been staying too much indoors watching TV or playing video games and missing out on active play outdoors. 

It's a good thing sister dear gave Simon a head start on that. She spent a few hours yesterday with Simon outdoors and taught him how to blow bubbles. What fun it was for the two of  them! I took some time off from my laundry and managed to take some pics. It was a clear and sunny day. Perfect!

It was windy outside and the bubbles just whizzed by, but I managed to capture some bubbles on cam. 

And this is my favorite shot of all, 

Looking forward to more fun-filled activities outdoors. 


  1. My kiddos love blowing bubbles too.. its best that they play outdoor sis.. :)

    Care to exchange link with my kids blog? Please add www.meetngreet.net with Title "Small Kids, Big Dreams"

    Thanks! PS. added your link already.

  2. thanks, tina! added your link! Have a wonderful weekend!


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