Dec 23, 2011

Simon's Busy Sunday

Simon had a busy afternoon a few weeks back. He woke up seeing me putting up the Christmas tree. 
He wanted to help and I let him. He was very serious in the photo above, and just rested when he took a bath. Hence, the change of clothes. 
Hubby came home from a visit from the in-laws and we decided to go the parol market in Plaza San Jose here in Las Pinas - the same on Sam and I went to previously. At 8:00 in the  evening, he's still so alive and so willing to have his pictures taken. 
We ordered pizza on the go in one of the stores and the area, and you can see the two boys bored out of their wits. The pizza's yummy and the little boy went to sleep full and satisfied. 
I will be posting later the decors we put on the Christmas tree.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!!!!


Dec 21, 2011

KID: Fun with Sunglasses

It's been awhile since I last joined Kids in Doodles.  Thanks to Jared's mommy Vix for always tagging and keeping me updated on Jared's KID posts.

Here's my share for this week's KID:

Back in July, I got an infected eye. So I was using cheap sunglasses when I go out to the market or running some errands. I've never really used any kind of eye wear before this and I never thought it practical to buy branded and expensive sunglasses. Anyway, after that ordeal was over and after I stored these sunglasses somewhere in the house, my boys found these sunglasses and pretended to be me, and pretended to be movie stars. There was a lot of giggling and laughing from these two boys. Notice that Simon had his sun glass upside down, hehehe. This is one of the best memories of 2011.

Dec 17, 2011

Nostalgia: 2011 through Hubby's Cellphone Cam


Making this calendar scrap reminded me that 2011 is about to end. 2011 has been a good year for me, I think. Let's not talk about the financial aspects but emotionally, I think I have some pretty good happy moments this year than last year.

I was thinking, when I was trying to come up with my last Nostalgia post, what's my best 2011 moments? Then I said, there are a lot so never mind about that. I don't have pictures of those. 
Then I dug some old photos from hubby's cellphone. Great! These are the photos that never got published but have stories to tell in their own ways. 

Nov 15, 2011

Time4Learning Review

Our Time4Learning one month free subscription has just ended and I am kinda sad. Sad because we didn't have enough time to actually explore everything in it. The boys had very limited amount of access to the computer during the time that we were in the program because of my work online. I practically monopolized the use of the computer the whole month. The only time they got to use it was when I was on break or when I had to take a nap due to exhaustion and sheer sleepiness :) or if I'm experiencing back pain. 

I enrolled  my three boys in the programs suited to their ages. Basti was enrolled in the Upper Level (4th - 8th grade) program and Sam and Simon were both enrolled in the Lower Level (for Pre-K to third graders).  Out of my three boys, my Simon enjoyed Time4Learning lessons and games the most. He loves the Alphabet set so much that he comes back to it every time we log in to his account. Yes, every child has a log in and a password so that he will only get lessons and activities suited to his age. 

Games, activities, videos, tutorials were categorized to Numbers, Colors, Shapes, the Alphabet, Animals and so forth. Each category has different sets of interactive lessons and fun games and once all of them are finished, there'll be a check mark on the category so parents know which category the child did not take on. 

Time4Learning was so useful to us during the time that we're reviewing for Basti's periodical exam. Basti was having a hard time with his lesson in Math about " factors".  It was really great that by using the interactive lessons provided by Time4Learning, it became easier for him to understand everything. At the end of the lesson, there was a quiz and we were able to gauge Basti's level of understanding through that. Plus, there's a cool detective game that Basti played, where he needed to break the code by solving the problem.   

We did not use Sam's log in at all because he, for the most part of each week, was staying with his grandma and so did not have access to the internet. 

I would truly recommend the site for homeschoolers. Some homeschoolers use it for their curriculum and some use it as a supplement. We opted for after-school learning. They have a homeschooling guide as well at the site and a Parent Forum where homeschooling parents meet and exchange experiences, resources and ideas. 

Want to know more about Time4Learning? Visit them now at

(I was given a one month free membership to review the site and its programs. All opinions are 100% mine --
errr 10% mine and 90% from my boys.)

Nov 13, 2011

Join GEORYL’s Christmas Giveaway

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Christmas Lanterns in Las Pinas

Early this evening, Sam and I went to what is called in Las Pinas as Plaza Quezon. I love going to Plaza Quezon during this time of the year because of Christmas lanterns or parol that are made and sold there. Lanterns are available in many colors and are made out of a variety of materials -- paper, plastic, indigenous materials, capiz shells, etc. You can find lanterns ranging from P15 to P2500 or more.

When I saw this, I can't help thinking Ruby Tuesday, Mellow Yellow, Orange Tuesdays, Colorful Weekend Color Connection, Mommy Moments. LOL!

We bought just a small lantern that Kuya Basti can bring to school. It cost P60. I forgot how much the tulip shaped lanterns are but they're so beautiful. Sam was so willing to have his photo taken with these beautiful Christmas decors in the background.  This photo is his KID entry. 

They even have snowmen made of capiz shells. This one cost P2500. It's almost as tall as Sam. 
And this is for my Wednesday White. :)  The snowman's body is white but does not look so because of the lighting inside. 

You can see more of the Las Pinas Christmas Lanterns at my other blog HERE. But I still need to make a post there so I'm hoping by the time you drop by I've already done that. Hope you can also support our lantern makers in Las Pinas. If you're around the area or just passing by from Baclaran to Alabang or vice versa, do check them out. Plaza Quezon is just a few blocks away from the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Church. Better to drop by during the evening so you could enjoy the lights, too. 

Thanks for the visit!
 There are great digikit freebies located at the sidebar under DIGISCRAPPIN'. 

Nov 4, 2011

Froggie In The City


Late this afternoon, while I'm doing the laundry, a frog hopped into the laundry area from outside the house. I was puzzled (in my four years here, this is the first time I've seen a frog) but more than that I was excited for the kids. I don't think they have ever seen a live frog before. I called them from inside the house and showed them the frog. It hopped and hopped all over the place that the kids did not get a closer look. I asked them to stay inside the house and to watch from the screen door just to make sure it does not get inside.

the "fwag", perched on our washing machine, looks kinda creepy and nasty to me 

Nov 3, 2011

KID: Halloween and All Saint's Day

There's no trick-or-treating for my kids this year. Basti who's 10 doesn't want to anymore and went on a vacation with his cousins. Hubby and I were not sure if trick or treat at SM was on the 30th since it was a Sunday. So we went trooping there after my sister in law's birthday lunch-out and had the costumes stashed in our bags just in case. But it turned out, trick-or-treat is on the 31st. Too bad, I had back pains that day and hubby had to work even if it's a holiday, so we were not able to go trick-or-treating with the kids. I was sad for the kids but I wasn't entirely disappointed that we were not able to participate this year. Celebrating Halloween is a personal decision and this year, things happened that made it easier for me not to celebrate it. 

Moving on, on November 1st we dropped by our mother-in-law's house before going to the cemetery to pay our respect to our beloved who are now with the Creator. The kids found their Tita playing Angry Birds on the small notebook. Now, how many heads are in this picture? That's a total of five. 

Oct 29, 2011

Fruitti's Sweet Strawberry Jelly

The problem with being a mom of  boys is that I am surrounded with all the colors of the rainbow and the color wheel/chart, except for the color pink. The only pink thing we have is a food container that my eldest would not take to school, even if I force him. Except for that, we don't have anything pink in the house. 

But pink came unexpectedly one day and was accepted wholeheartedly by three boys and it's in the form of these delicious strawberry jellies.

Oct 28, 2011

Fun with Puzzle Pieces

I don't know what these pieces are called, honestly. They're supposed to be puzzles that you make into a house or something. Forgive me but I'm too lazy to do anything (because of a backpain that would not simply go away), too lazy to not even think hard on what's the name, or research it on the net. I'll just wait for someone to tell me what it is -- tee-hee. 

But my boys had figured out what to do with it so who cares about the name. let's call it "puzzle pieces" for now. These puzzle pieces had kept my boys occupied for a good full day. While I was trying to work, they would call my attention every time they had a new "creation".

***this collage courtesy of  Smilebox

Oct 25, 2011

Celebrating Ten Years of Motherhood

Last Sunday, my two boys celebrated their birthdays at their Lola's house. Both boys were happy, especially when they saw that they have two cakes. We had plan to buy a cake with their favorite character in them. They were arguing over Spongebob cake and DC characters. I wanted an Angry Bird cake but sad to say I couldn't afford it. I messed up big time on the cake. They did not get the Spongebob cake and the DC Characters cake either. Because I was not able to go out to order at the mall due to my backpain days before their birthday. Goldilocks and Red Ribbon both said that special character cakes should be ordered three days before the occasion. So to compensate, we bought two cakes instead. Hehe. :)

Oct 24, 2011

KID: The Birthday Boys

My two boys were born seven days and four years apart. I honestly believe that they would have had the same birthdate if Sam's birth was not induced. If I were to be asked what's my unforgettable moment in my life, I would say it would be the "moments" my boys were born. Truth to tell, I never imagined being a wife and I never imagined being a mom. Now, 10 years after, I can't imagine NOT being a mom. My life is complete with my three boys and I thank God each and everyday (especially when they're being ultra behave and nice) for the wonderful gifts He has given me.

Oct 17, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon at the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Church

These photos were taken one Sunday afternoon, weeks ago at the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Church. And I call these photos Beauty and The Boys. That's our niece in the picture. She's only one year old but so charming and bubbly. 

credit: Silly Autumn Mini Kit_MyMemories Freebie_by Leelou Designs

Gotta Make Time for Time4Learning

I've been invited to try Time4Learning for one month in exchange for a candid review. My opinion will be entirely my own, so be sure to come back and read about my experience. Time4Learning can be used as a homeschool curriculum, for afterschool enrichment and for summer skill sharpening. Find out how to write your own curriculum review for Time4Learning.

Oct 16, 2011

Getting Creative With Letters of the Alphabet

When I learned about Aloha Gem's Balikbayan Giveaway, I got really excited. Before I tell you what the prize is, I need to tell you that the mechanics are super easy! You just need to write a blog post and link three related articles from her alohagems library

It's that easy! But wait, when I went in the library, my head swum. Aloha Gems offers tons of useful information about topics so close to my heart that got me excited again and I really couldn't decide whether I'm going to write about alphabet for kids, gardening and flower arrangement stuff or Halloween costumes for kids. 

So finally, I picked a topic closest to my heart (as a mom) and which other mommies like me would find useful and that is Fold and Cut Alphabet A to Z. This particular article strikes me deep because it bring back memories of high school. We have a large board back then in our classroom that we decorate each and every month depending on what the theme for that month was. We had lots of fun doing this especially during Christmas, Valentines, and Halloween. We would fold and cut out letters of the alphabet using art paper. I had forgotten how to do it but I was reminded with this article by Aloha Gem! I must share this knowledge with my three boys! If you go to the site, the instructions are very detailed and even has photos on them.  

And after folding and cutting letters of the alphabet, I can do much more with the Decorative Alphabet Series. These articles show us how to add shadows to the already folded and cut alphabet.  

Nice eh? We also used to decorate our classroom wall with scary stuff during Halloween. We had a classmate who could really draw and he made all of the artsy stuff that we needed to hang or paste on the wall. Well, he drew them and we cut. His life would had been easier if we could just print things like Bats coloring Alphabet. But we didn't have computers back then. There were a very few people who had computers and they all ran in DOS (did I get it right?), lol. You know, that matrix type of thing. No special graphics or animation back in those days. Kids today are so lucky.  

And speaking of drawing and of kids being so lucky in this techie age, let me tell you what the prize is for Aloha Gem's Balikbayan Giveaway. It's a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet! That is so cool! I am really praying to win it. Everyone in my family draws, from hubby to the 3-year old ball of energy and I could imagine how thrilled they would be when they hold it in their hands. That is so right, I am visualizing winning!

So dear readers, fellow moms, if you want a Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet too for the artist and designer in you and your kids, you can join Aloha Gem's Wacom Bamboo Fun Tablet Balikbayan Giveaway. See you there!!!

Oct 14, 2011

Mommy Moments: My Favorite Online Products and Tools

mommy moments

For today's Mommy Moments, I would like to share my favorite online products and tools. These are the products or tools  that I've just recently discovered and enjoy using. 

Moment Garden is like photo storage site but the good thing about it is it's like memory bank since you can label the photos according to date and they will show up in chronological order, just like what's shown in my screenshot. I store all my digital scraps here because they look good arranged that way. I haven't put in baby photos yet but I will do that soon. 

Please click on the photo for a larger view. 

I found MomentGarden by the way via the Rafflecopter Fan Page (another good thing that hit the blogosphere). 

MyMemories Digital Scrapbooking is what I'm using now for all my digiscraps here. You may have noticed that all my posts here have scrap photos on them. It's so easy using MyMemories and I love the freebies offered through their fan site, and through the affiliate program that I am in. 

MyMemories Software was given to me for review and giveaway.  Out of the blue, they emailed me and I'm really thankful for that because the software had been a  real help. I made the header, the sidebar widgets using MyMemories software and using MyeDeLeon's Kit. 

Oct 12, 2011

Nostalgic with Photos

I finally found the old photos that have been missing for so long. Included in this batch of photos where shots taken the day Simon was born and our trip to the Museo Pambata. These photos were probably the last ones we had printed out. Our photos are all digital now. Looking at the photos,can't help thinking how fast the kids had grown. 

$22 in Paypal Cash @ BIG SISTER'S DIARY!

Big Sister's Diary is turning 22 on October 21st and is giving away $22 in Paypal Cash! 
Wow, I can't even remember where I was when I celebrated my 22nd birthday. I'm pretty sure I wasn't blogging back then. Anyway, enough of me. 

Let's support Big Sister's giveaway! Hop over to
Super easy mechanics!


Oct 11, 2011

Our First Orange Tuesdays: Carlo's Cake

This is our very first entry to:

Carlo is my boys' cousin on my hubby's side of the family. He turned five last September and so they held a mini-birthday party. Birthdays cakes are always anticipated by the kids. And in these photos, you can tell that Sam loved the cake and was more excited to blow the candle than birthday celebrant Carlo. He was happy for Carlo, too.  

Oct 10, 2011


Hubby came home one day from his farewell party at his previous work. He actually moved to a new company last month. He was given this cute pillow by an officemate and this pillow became an instant hit with the kids, especially with Simon. 

credit: Boys in Charge Pack by Snap Wings At

Simon loves the letterings on the pillow. He points to each letter and enunciates them very clearly. He would say very slowly I-M-I-S-S-Y-O-U and then shouts I MISS YOU! And he does all these every time to anyone who cares to listen. Such a show-off!!! And this little pillow has a name, what else but AMISHU!

Oct 8, 2011

Color Connection: Straws!

I am happy to say that my boys can make toys out of anything  -- from the simplest things like coins, laundry clips, and paper clips. They have lots of toys but their imagination run wild with these ordinary household items.  It varies from week to week. There was a week when it was all about straws.  

I had to buy Sam a set of straws that he and Simon can play with because they had been quarreling over a few pieces that they got from Grandma's store. The straws had since then been shifted to different shapes, had become swords, poles and just about anything a 2-year old and 5-year old can think of. 

I'm happy that my boys are imaginative. When the going gets tough and I can't afford to buy them toys, I just have to bring out our school supply box and it suddenly becomes a treasure chest to two little boys. 


Oct 5, 2011

Say Goodbye to Cellphone Bills, Say Hello ToTracFone

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TracFone for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

When I was still in the call center industry, I considered telecommunications accounts as the toughest accounts to handle. Over the course of my call center career, I handled four telecommunications accounts. And believe me, it was no easy job. People are always calling about their bills and their services. Why does it have to be complicated, I say? 

People always say that they want something that's value for their money. And I'm glad to say that they CAN have value for money when it comes to cell phone and its uses. There ARE  options available out there. The problems that most customers who use to call me before is that they don't do their research before  they sign the contract 'cause as they say "Who reads the fine print, anyway?". Well, the ones who are not calling are the ones who do. For those who don't read the contract, when the bill comes -- surprise, surprise, surprise!


Are you one of those people who hates contracts and bills? I'm glad to say that there is a great provider available in the market right now that's just right for you -- TracFone!  With TracFone, there is no contracts, no activation fees, no credits check, no activation fee and no shocker when the bill comes, no hidden costs and no hidden charges. No surprises for Real TracFone customers!


Real TracFone customers vouch that TracFone is the least expensive way to own and use a cell phone in America. This is the only service where you can call to 60 international destinations at no extra cost. Great for people who have families abroad! With TracFone, you are in control, you can pay as you go online or buy more minutes with cards available at thousands of retail stores across the country.


And the great thing is you can choose from a wide variety of phones with So many features! You can choose from branded cellphones like Samsung, Nokia, LG, Kyocera, etc, with amazing features like camera/video recorder, web access, app capabilities, mp3 player, and full QWERTY keyboard for only $29.99.





For budget conscious moms, TracFone is definitely the way to go. 


Want more proof? Check out these testimonials from TracFone customers!

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Oct 4, 2011

The Boys At MIBF 2011

You can tell from these photos that my boys were bored. I couldn't blame them. I took them to the Manila International Book Fair 2011 on the last day, on the last few hours. There were so many people there that we did not get to fully enjoy the books. I wish we'd gone sooner. Well, there's no use brooding over an obvious mistake. Next year, we'll go on a weekday, on the first few days so we can roam around and we can freely check each booth and choose books at our own pace. 

Credit: Tags by Aimee Harrison Girlboheme Studios  (GBS)
Background from MyMemories Suite Software

Sep 28, 2011

My First Wednesday Whites: It's All About Sam

This is my first Wednesday White post. The WW banner has been there on my sidebar but I never got to participate. We have so many white clothes but I cannot find a photo with white on them. But this picture here seems perfect for my first Wednesday White entry. 

As some of you know, my Sam has speech delay. He's five years old and he's not going to a regular school yet. Every year, we try but every year we're not successful. He's simply not ready to go to school. Last year, we sent him to a day care center but he stopped going after the Christmas break. We couldn't make him go. He cried and cried and threw a fit. 

This year, I'm seeing a great improvement in him. The first time I noticed this was when he asked for his favorite Koko Krunch He was able to say nine words in a single sentence. He's beginning to express himself more coherently. And he's able to reason out now. Once when I was chastising Simon, he suddenly said, "Mama, hayaan mo sya." (Let him be, Mama) in his singsong voice. I almost laughed with joy but I had to keep a straight face.

Sep 26, 2011

Weekend Blog Follower Caravan # 24 – Mega Follow Weekend

It's Mega Follow Weekend at WBFC!

Three tasks in one! Yup, that's right, it's like hitting three birds with one stone. So what are you waiting for, join us this week and every week after in this blogger-helping-blogger meme! Head on to the WBFC post at Mommy Rubz Online Biz and Resources to find out how!

Sep 24, 2011


All of my boys love Spongebob Squarepants and the rest of the gang. Needless to say, they went crazy when they saw these balloons last Sunday at the grounds of the Saint Joseph Parish Church, which by the way houses the Las Pinas Bamboo Organ. I wouldn't let them buy because for me, they're expensive at P45 (more than a dollar) each. And I can't just buy one. If  we buy, we had to buy two. Or there would be war all throughout the day. We told them there would be lots of balloons at the Mall of Asia where we were heading to that time. 

Sep 21, 2011

Wandering Thoughts Welcome Me Mini Giveaway!

Today is a blog posting and blog hopping day for me. Tomorrow I work, but today I play, err I write. And the first thing I want to do is join Mommy Rubz Wandering Thoughts Welcome Me Mini Giveaway!  The giveaway will end on September 23rd so hurry up if you want to join too. $10 Paypal up for grabs and with so easy-peasy mechanics.

I really admire Mommy Rubz. She's really a motivator and a leader in the Philippine blogging scene, especially in the mommy bloggers' community. Wandering Thoughts is another one of her baby blogs. Head on to Wandering Thoughts to join the giveaway and get to know more about her.

Sep 19, 2011

Simon's First Carousel Ride

Yesterday, after going to the Manila International Book Fair, we decided to go inside the SM Mall of Asia despite the maddening crowd due to the mallwide sale. Simon saw the carousel and said he wanted to ride the "horse". The two other boys did not want too, but Simon was so excited.

So we did ride the carousel. It was Simon's first time. I can tell he was scared. I can feel his little body quivering, either in fear or in excitement. But there's no way he's not going to try it out. That's my Simon. I have no doubt he's going to face all his fears. I have no doubt he's going to enjoy life to the fullest. 

Ah, I'm getting teary eyed realizing this. Yeah, that's me in the pic. Hubby said I was hiding, hahaha! 

Sep 16, 2011

A Facebook Story

I actually won't be sharing any techie tips today but I thought this post would be relevant to today's Mommy Moments.

Let me share you a story.

My eldest has a Facebook account. He has one because his cousins have FB accounts and so they play games and chat and stay connected online. When school started when he was in Grade 3, he begun to have more friends, all of which were classmates, teachers and schoolmates. I moderate everything on his wall post. He is not allowed to approve friend request without telling me, he is not allowed to post anything on his profile without us approving it first. the most he could do freely on his FB is play games and chat with classmates after school. And even the games are sometimes screened. 

So everything was okay until a month or so ago. One day while browsing his wall feed, he shockingly told me, "Momma, look at XX (let's call the classmate XX) wall. His mama posted something." I looked and was shock to see on his friend's wall, on a ten year old's wall, was a status message of  an adult. I really don't want to go into details but the gist of the story is XX's parents separated long time ago, XX dad has a girlfriend, XX mom feels that girlfriend is claiming that XX as her own based on photos and comments, and girlfriend asked XX to take out mom's photos on his FB. XX's mom used XX's FB account and lashed out to new girlfriend through XX FB wall, which could be read by all classmates, teachers and all of XX friends.

My first reaction was shock. I was shocked, annoyed, and irritated that I had to explain what's going on to my nine-year-old. Things like this should be kept among adults. I wanted to comment and say that her post on his son's FB wall was inappropriate. But I decided against it. For the poor boy's sake who was very close to my son. I didn't want to add anything more to his embarrassment. Fortunately, the negative posts stopped at some point. But now, everybody knows what we've been wondering about for a long time, why we don't see XX's mom at school. So sad. 

My son and I had a heart to heart talk. I told him, "Whatever they say at school about this, keep out of it. These are adults' concern, not kids'. If your friend XX asked you about it, just tell him you read it but Mama said not to worry about it." I didn't know what else to say, and honestly, I don't know if that's the right thing to do. I really feel for his classmate, XX. 

This incident prompted me to do some things on my FB account which I have forgotten to do: 

1. I made a friend list and include a list of KIDS ONLY.  Sometimes, I forget that I have nieces, nephews who shouldn't be reading some of my posts. 

2. I put a disclaimer on my son's FB that his Fb is moderated by an adult. I guess it wouldn't really do anything much but I just wanted them to know. just in case. :)

3. Today, I blocked that particular account. I don't feel that the posts were made by XX anymore. Some of them were too negative for a ten year old. He has another account and they can still stay as friends online and offline. This is the first and only time I did that. After blocking, I realized I should have only hidden the wall posts. Well, I'm only human, and a mom at that. 

I have also limited my eldest' computer time due to low grades on two subjects. He's not allowed anymore to use the computer during weekdays. And so far, it has been five days already that he's offline. He's been very obedient and I realize now that this should been the ideal situation for us in the first place.

So that's it, that's all I have share for now. Hope you learned something from this. Happy weekend mommies! Let's all stay positive and blessings will come pouring in

Sep 15, 2011

Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 15: Contests

This is my entry to Techie She Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week 15. This week’s prize is $10 paypal credits from Sheryl of Contest Fan

 I haven't posting anything lately about what's going on with our lives or what the kids have been doing. I just don't feel like sharing anything right now. I haven't been feeling like a good mom lately. I'll write a post about that when I can. Don't worry it's not that bad. I haven't committed any crime or things like that. It's just about the boy's education and such. More of that on later posts.

One thing I discovered in the past week is that I love joining contests, especially the ones using Rafflecopter. Rafflecopter has made it so easy for everyone. I think I'm becoming addicted to clicking those I DID THIS buttons, lol. So far, for the month of September I haven't won in any of the contests that I've joined. But who cares, there are still so many contests out there and I've got my whole life ahead of me.(Tee-hee :) I've been so blessed already in the month of August, I guess it's other people's turn.

Thank you Lord for all the blessings and may you continue to bless us everyday, especially the one reading this post.

Sep 9, 2011

My Memories Suite Winner!

First, I would like to thank all the participants for joining our first giveaway. Thank you so much for the support, fellow mommies!

There are a total of 102 entries but only 94 are valid. With that 94 entries, I let Rafflecopter draw the winner, and she is no other than:

Again, thanks for everyone who participated. I will be sending out a token to each one of you in October. Why October? Well, it is my boys' birth month and I'll have the funds by then, LOL. Seriously, expect a gift from us by October as our way of saying thank you to all of you who participated.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sep 7, 2011

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2011

Today is the last day of submission for Ms. Janette Toral's Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs 2011 Writing ProjectLeave it to me to do this till the last day. I have been planning to submit my list early but I wanted to complete my list of ten. 

My life as a work at home mom is so hectic, more hectic than I ever imagined when I was working as a call center agent. Staying home was a choice to be with my kids. Back then, I thought that when I stay at home and look after the kids, I would have all the time in the world to blog and read all my favorite blogs, to sleep when I want to, to do the things I love to do. I was sooo wrong. I've had less sleep, more pressure, less Me time, less time to blog and even lesser time to blog hop. And when I took on an online job, it became worse. The pressure of earning and giving my 100% attention to my three boys is an ongoing conflict, because when I took in that job, I also took the deadlines and the commitment to deliver results. But you know what, it's all worth it. I'm closer to my kids now. They ran to me for anything, call my name for nothing, and it's the most fulfilling feeling ever to be with the kids and know everything that's going on in my house. 

Working at home is really both exhausting and exhilarating. Being a blogger, what I'm thankful about are the other mommy bloggers who I've come to know through memes and blog hops, Facebook and Twitter. Their blogs tell me that I am not alone and that it is okay to feel the the frustration I am feeling sometimes, that it is okay to brag about my kids, that it is okay to share my life to other people, that it is okay to give and receive from other people that I haven't even met in person. And as I go through other blogs, I learn through what they share and in return, I continue to hope that other people will learn from me as well. 

I am a mommy blogger and I'm proud of it. That said, it is only natural that 90% of my Top 10 would comprise of blogs authored my moms like me. Here's my list: 

1. The Pepperific Life: The Pepperific Life is actually the main reason why I wanted to join this writing project in the first place and so it's on the top of my list. Pepper is so honest with her situation about being a single mom and embraces single momhood to the fullest. She's an inspiration to all mommies and single parents out there. Very few in the Philippines have written about single parenthood and Pepper's doing it very well. I especially like her latest post Top 5 Single Mom Skills

2. The Bloggers Journal :  This blog talks about code, designs and layouts. It contains tips and tricks about making your blog more appealing. All these could be overwhelming to newbies but Willa has made all of it simple, easy to do and understand.This blog truly has influenced me a lot. I remember I read her post about putting borders on pictures and why it's important, and I started putting borders on my post images, too. She learned on her own and I guess, if she can do it, why can't I? Isn't that influence enough? 

3. LEVYousa:  This blog talks about her life as a woman, a wife and everything else under the sun. I like Levy a lot, and I love the way she's able to share her personal life, raves, rants and angst online in a positive way. Some blogs, they talk only about good things; some blogs are  too personal. In Levy's case, she's able to find a balance between the two . Her blog speaks of the author's pleasant disposition. 

4. The Tottering Mama A blog about parenting, I love this blog because of the different familiy activities, arts and crafts that Olga shares with her readers. 

5. Mom WritesThis is one of Mommy Rubz many blogs and it talks about her being a mommy to three little tots. I like the tag line Happy Thoughts and Happy Memories.

6. My Green Living Ideas.  With this blog, green is definitely in. From the color, layout and content, this blog gets two thumbs up from me. Going green does not have to be complicated, and can be applied in almost all aspects of our lives, only if we choose to.

7. My Painted Lips:  I think what I like about this blog is that it's simplicity. Any moms, like me, can relate to her blog posts about tips on lipstick and make-up and product reviews on brands that the average Filipinas are all familiar with.

8. My Notepad Corner: Mom Joy's site is full of household tips, life lessons and parenting tips and that's what I like about it. It's not just a personal family blog. Her posts are all well-written and very detailed. 

9. Mommy Survival Guide:  Like My Notepad Corner, this blog is full of tips on parenting. I find her posts relevant and very informative.  I love her post on Anger Management for moms. 

10. Certified Foodies:  Last but certainly not the least, Certified Foodies is also on my list. I became an avid fan of Mhel Ignacio because of her pinayonlinemoneymaker site. Certified Foodies is another great site where she was able to show another side of her personality. I'm not a food blogger but I do love to eat and cook and because of Mel's sparkling presence (she'll laugh, I know) in the blogosphere, I find myself visiting Mel and brother Ken's site from time to time. I love that they are able to make simple and ordinary food seems so delicious and appealing and their food posts caters to people from   all walks of life. 

So these are the blogs I am nominating for the Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs for 2011. This may be the same list that you've been seeing for weeks now. The one who started this list deserves to be awarded the most influential blogger award. :). Have I been influenced? Yes. Half of this list are blogs I have been reading even before this writing project started. Half of them I found through others who nominated them. I believe that all of these blogs deserves to be in the Top 10. These blogs are wonderful, but what's even more beautiful are the people behind these blogs. 

Thanks to these generous sponsors for making this writing project possible:

Sep 6, 2011

Mommy Jes' CHARM FACTORY Review and Giveaway

I am joining Mommy Jes'  Charm Factory Review and Giveaway! I would love to have a bracelet like this. 

Original Design of Love and Believe bracelet from Charm Factory. 
Isn't this the cutest? I don't know if this is the actual prize but I checked the website of Charm Factory and I so love their European designed bracelets! 

So for a chance to grab a fabulous bracelet from Charm Factory, just head on to mommy Jes' Charm Factory Review and Giveaway! Hurry, giveaway ends 5th of September!


Sep 4, 2011

Museo Pambata Postcards

I was going through our storage room (literally, a room we don't use because the kids do not want to sleep in it and has became storage for old things, junks, documents, and whatnots)searching for old catalogs and magazines that Basti needed for a school project when I saw these three cute postcards.

"Ako'y Batang Museo"
Painted by Ms. Merci  Melchor for the benefit of
the Museo Pambata Foundation, Inc
"Saranggola" Kite
Painted by Ms. Merci  Melchor
 for the benefit of the Museo Pambata oundation, Inc
I bought them from the Museo Pambata store when we visited years ago. Museo Pambata is an interactive museum for children of all ages :) Yes, even the children at heart. You can learn more about the museum at their website HERE

Painted by Mr. George Ng
 for the benefit of the Museo Pambata oundation, Inc
I hope our post crossing friends will appreciate them. I meant to make a post about these then but never did get to doing so because of work. I was trying to find the pictures of the kids at the Museo but couldn't find them. And since I have a deadline in an hour (and here I am blogging, can't help it), I'll just save those old photos for another day and post. Have a great week ahead, everyone!


Sep 2, 2011

Mommy Moments : Financial Tips

This is a summary of a post that I made on my other blog. I thought that this would be good for today's Mommy Moments which is all about Financial Tips, though these tips are for mommies and daddies only. I wrote this post during the recession and you can see the full post HERE. Most tips still apply today. 

1. Keep track of your spending. List them down everyday to identify the needs from the wants. 
2. Pay yourself first. 
3. Bring lunchboxes to work.
4. Save on power and water consumption
5. Drink water instead of carbonated or caffeinated drinks.
6. Save on load. Take advantage of promotions like unlimited calls , unlimited text, etc.
7. Go cable-less. (Though this will be good for some people, it will not work for us. We don't have cable and we watch a lot of DVD and our power consumption is way too high because of that. So not for us)
8. Set the itinerary for the day before leaving the house. 
9. Get memberships to discount club or warehouse clubs.
10. Try buying in wholesale groceries and stores in your local market, neighborhood.
12. Check out Cultural Center of the Philippines, Metropolitan Museum , etc for free concerts, events and activities for the family.
13. Walk. 
14. You really don't need all of those household helps. 
15. Stay away from credit cards. (We thought this was not possible, but we have been card free for years now. But we still have debts, of course, LOL.)
16. Restrain yourself from impulse buying. Wait for a few days. 
17. Go for generic. 
18. Believe it or not, you don't have to buy everyone in the family life insurance. BUT YOU need to make sure that YOU HAVE ONE. Life insurance is for the convenience of those who are left behind, those who are dependent on you when you go and not for your convenience when someone leaves you behind. Sad but true. **This advice is from a financial expert and I kind of agree. You are entitled to your own opinion.** 
19. Take advantage of thrift shops and second hand stores.  
20. Go shop at Baclaran at Divisoria some time. 
21. Take a vacation during the off-season. Less stress, less crowd, cheaper flight and accommodation expenses. 


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