Oct 29, 2010

Mommy Moments : Before and After

mommy moments

Today's Mommy Moments topic is Before and After.

The pictures that I chose were taken two years apart, in 2008 when my youngest Simon was born and in 2010 when Simon turned two. Only two years, how they've grown. 

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Oct 27, 2010

Nine Years of Being A Mom: Happy Birthday, Basti and Sam!

Basti and Sam celebrated their birthdays last week. Basti turned nine and Sam turned five. We had two separate small celebrations for them. Celebrations that were just simple but holds deeper meaning for me as a mom. 
Gosh, nine years as a mom. I suddenly feel older now that Basti is nine. In just a few years, he'll be a teen-ager. Good luck to me! :) There's something different when a child turns nine. When you're nine, you're officially not a baby anymore. For me, it is the age where a person starts transitioning from being a child to being a teenager. Thus, Basti will be getting more responsibilities this year and the years to come. No more "he's just a child, he doesn't know what he's doing" excuses for not-so-good behaviors.  

Meanwhile, Sam turned five, and I am so proud of my little boy. Sam's speech is delayed and still can't construct his own sentences, but he can express himself in so many ways. He knows so many things (like tinkering with the computer, cellphone, gadgets at the house and stuff), knows his numbers and letters, and knows how to write already. He just started school last September in community preschool just a few steps away from Grandma's house. Sam knows that being a five-year-old, he can't be treated like a baby anymore. He stopped drinking his milk in a bottle and started drinking milk out of a glass (I know, it's overdue). He's acting like a big brother to Simon at home, too. He talks to Simon the way Basti would when he's trying to put Simon to sleep. He's been doing a lot of things that I'm really proud of, small things that makes me smile, makes me happy, and he's improving a lot on his linguistic ability. 

The earliest, most distinct memories I have was when I was nine, when I was in Grade 3. I remember that this was the stage when I discovered the joy of reading. We just moved to our new home and there was a Canadian-owned library just for the residents of the community.  So it is very important for me at this point and onwards to focus on what my kids will remember and will look back on when they're older. Happy memories equal a happy person, right?  If I have had good and pleasant memories as a child, I want my boys' memories to be better and happier, and that's what I'm going to work on as a mom from now on. 

To my two boys, Basti and Sam, Happy Happy Birthday! Mama and Papa and everyone in the family love you very much! May you be happy and contented in the love that's being showered to you and may you give back that love to other people. Happy Birthday Boys!

Oct 22, 2010

Free Business and Livelihood Training Sessions Oct 29th

For mommies and daddies who would like to learn and earn this coming Christmas. 

Oct 16, 2010

Nuffnang and PLDT myDSL Special Screening

“The Social Network is to Facebook, 

as PLDT myDSL modem+wifi is to 

Guaranteed Instant Connectivity, Anytime, Anywhere.”

This is what I hope and wish my connection would be. I haven't really tried PLDT myDSL before but I heard from friends it's really good which leaves me kinda wishing we're not under a contract with my ISP right now, lol.  All the internet cafes that I used to frequent before (when I don't have a connection of my own yet) all used PLDT myDSL, and I must say that the money I spent was well worth it because of the fast connection. I was able to do more in the amount of time that I actually paid for.

These are the features I would like on my ISP and guess what, PLDT myDSL has them with their PLDT myDSL modem+wifi plans.

Oct 14, 2010

K-Zone, Learning How to Send and Email, and Cartoon Network

Last night, I taught Basti how to send out an email. He so badly wanted to join K-Zone Where Kidz Rule Win It Contest. All kids got to do is send out an email, or text message, and snail mail to K-Zone with their details and the choice of toy they want to get. All entries will be raffled off on October 28, 2010.

It was fun and kinda amusing to watch Basti scroll on the page where the choices of toys are posted, and listen to his reasoning as he weigh his option on which toy he wanted to have. He opted for the Battle Striker.

This is Basti's first time to join a contest like this. He loves K-Zone and often asks his Papa and Ninongs to buy him a copy. There was one Christmas when all he asked from one Ninong is to buy him the latest issue and some back issues of K-Zone. Good thing now that they have a website, where Basti can go whenever he has "Computer Time". I hope Basti wins. His birthday is fast approaching and winning would be the perfect gift.

So we opted to send out an email. He already knows how to log in.  I taught him where an email address goes. He asked what a subject line is and  what  "CC" means. Hmmm, I said, to make it simple, "You put another email address there if you want to send the same e-mail to another person. In this case, you don't have to send it to anyone else, so we don't put anything there. CC- Carbon Copy." "Ahhh", he said with a smile. We put in the details  required to qualify. He clicked Send and I taught him to check on sent items if the e-mail sent was there. All these he did with an excited look on his face.

So with the email done, our trip to K-Zone's website brought us to the Cartoon Network. Although, this site is one of Basti's, and especially Sam's favorite site for games, Basti never really explored before the possibility of being a member of the CN Club. Basti wanted to sign up when he saw he can create cool avatars, and so we did. Aside from creating their own Avatars, members can play cool games on the Cartoon Network site and even earn CN Beans which can be exchanged for goodies. The good thing is that CN asks for Parental Consent. So before Basti could join I had to give my consent through an email they sent me.

These are two great sites that Basti loves. I enjoyed the experience of being able to share Basti's interests and by being with him as he signed up for the membership and the contest, not only was I able to make sure of his safety online, the experience also served as bonding moment with him.

Oct 11, 2010

Happy Thoughts' Little Big Club Live in Concert Contest

Here's something to get excited about! Especially for Mom with young kids out there. Paula of Happy Thoughts is giving away 3 VIP Center Complimentary Tickets (every two weeks from October 11, 2010 to December 13, 2010) to the THE LITTLE BIG CLUB LIVE IN CONCERT. The series of shows will showcase our kids' favorite characters like BARNEY, THOMAS AND FRIENDS, BOB THE BUILDER, ANGELINA BALLERINA, PINGU, FIREMAN SAM and NAUGHTY NORMAN. The 10 shows will run at the ALIW THEATER in Pasay City from December 16-19, 2010.

And it's so easy to join. Just head on to Happy Thoughts  for the mechanics! Hope I win and hope to see you there!

Oct 9, 2010

Mommy Moments : Hairstyles

mommy moments

This Friday's theme for Mommy Moments is Hairstyles. I have boys so this should be easy. Basti's hair is naturally straight, while Sam and Simon's are curly. 

Being a busy mom, truth to tell, my in-laws are the ones who take care of my boys' hair. Too many times, they just come home from a weekend with grandma with their heads shaved like a bunch of Buddhist monks. 

Sam  and Simon like their heads shaved especially in the summer.

Meanwhile, below is Kuya Basti's cleanest hair cut to date. He already looks like a teenager in this picture. A few more years and he'll be one. Hayzz. 

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Oct 4, 2010

Missing Blogging

Haven't posted anything in more than a month. So caught up on working at home and on being a full-time mom, taking care of the kids and just enjoying each moment with them. Today, I decided to blog-hop to my heart's content. I miss dropping EC's, Adgitizing, missing everything about blogging. Haven't been to any parenting events, either. I'm checking on my boys' photos that I can share on Mommy Momments on Friday. Hayzz, time management is the key. Hoping I'm good at that. Well, you'll see more of me I guess in the next few days or weeks. For now, got to go back to the laundry. Awehehehe.