Jun 28, 2010

My Hapontukin Moments

I have always been antukin, even as a child. I think it’s because I’m anemic. Funny thing is I’m mostly inaantok during mornings and afternoons, but during the night, I’m alive. I guess you could say that I’m a nocturnal person. No wonder I became a call center agent and loved being one. 

Being antukin did not bother me at work before, because I was on a night shift. Although my co-workers already knew that I’d be the first one to head out to the sleeping quarters during lunchtime, it’s kind of taken as normal, because of assumed lack of sleep during the day. They thought it's because I had so many responsibilities at home during the day, being a mom and all. The truth was,  I was just sleepy, period, but not as sleepy as I would have been during the day.

So being a call center agent, I slept during the day and worked during the night for the past 7 years, and did not know the word hapontukin. The word was unheard of until recently, thanks to Enervon. One day, I decided that for the sake of the kids, that it’s time for me to live a normal life, i.e., either be a stay-at-home mom or get a day job. In that way, I’d be able to spend more time with the kids and be able to spend nights with them and be there when they wake up.

So after a few weeks of trying to be a certified stay-at-home mom, I had enough and eventually went to find a job. Luckily, I found one in one of the call centers just barely outside of Manila

It takes me less than 30 minutes to get to work now and 30 minutes also to get back home, and I get to be on a day shift because I'll be handling an Australian account. What an ideal setup for me! The kids and hubby love my schedule. I’m able to prepare lunchboxes for Basti and hubby before I go to work. Sometimes I’m the one who take Basti to school. 

What a wonderful job and what a wonderful schedule! What I did not count on was being so sleepy during the early mornings and in the afternoon while we were on training. I was so sleepy sometimes that I couldn't even open my eyes let alone understand a thing of what the trainer was saying.  Good thing, I was not alone. There were a couple of us who also had hapontukin moments and one of my co-trainees even had mug shots of some of the people sleeping and which she threatens from time to time to post on Facebook.

What did we do to keep awake during the training when Hapontukin sets in? Most of us would stand at the back of the room and act like zombies, shifting from one foot to the other just to keep awake. I realized early on, as early as the first five days of training,  that the hapontukin monster would attack me every single day so I came to work and attended training armed with cup of coffee from Country Style which could be refilled once.  So I had two cups of brewed coffee almost each and every day for the past one and a half month. I had candies and sugar coated peanuts I munch on conspicuously every time I feel sleepy. The trainer was very considerate and seemed to understand how difficult it was for us to stay awake after lunch that she made it a point to let us play games before we actually resume our  lessons again. I became an expert at Charades and Pinoy Henyo at such a short period of time.

The worst Hapontukin Moment I had happened just a few days before I got this email from Nuffnang. There was an update on some of the system tools that we’re going to use in production and another trainer was assigned to us. I sat in front because I’m visually challenged and needed to see what's on the board. I was listening to this trainer and before I knew it I was fast asleep. I almost bumped my head on the corner of the table in front of me. And I was on the front row and everybody saw me! When I regained “consciousness”, the trainer was saying, “Are you alright?” in a teasing voice. Everyone had a good laugh over me and I can’t help but laugh at myself. But the trainer understood. I told her I took some medication and was having a migraine, which was partly true. 

So it’s just in time that I was sent an email regarding the Hapontukin moments. I had not thought about using Enervon. I thought taking vitamins would make me sleepier but I think the Steadi-Energy Complex Enervon will help me stay awake so I’m going to try it anytime soon. At this point, training is over and we’ll be starting actual work this week, and I can’t afford to be asleep on the floor. I also need the extra energy to keep up with the kids after work. 

Hopefully I'll be getting rid of the Hapuntukin monster for good.      

Jun 27, 2010

Order a Blog Review and Help Baby Bella

Paula sent out an email about  Blog Review For A Cause.

The goal of Blog Review For A Cause is to help Mommy Rubz of Pinay Mommy Online  in raising the funds needed for Baby Bella's hernia operation.

From what I read from Pehpot's post, "A hernia is the protrusion of an organ through the wall of the cavity that normally contains it. When a hernia is not repaired, it may become strangulated. When strangulation occurs, there is a danger that part of the intestine be caught in the hernia cutting off blood supply to the tissue. Also, when a bowel obstruction occurs, it leads to severe pain, vomiting, nausea and inability to have a bowel movement or pass gas. Although Hernia happen to boys mostly, girls can also experience it."

Let us all help raise funds needed for Bella's operation. Buy a blog review for $10 from her Mom, Mommy Rubz, at her PR3 blog. The operation is understandably emotionally and financially challenging, but if all of us bloggers unite, we can at least make the load lighter for them.

Please visit Pehpot at Bee Mommy for the details. Or you can send Please send Pehpot an email (pehcats@gmail.com) and place ”Blog Review for a Cause” as subject plus the URL of the blog you wish to be reviewed. 

My Saturday Affair : Fun with the kids

It's been awhile since we've been complete as a family. The kids usually go to my in-laws on Saturdays and I'm usually left alone to do my stuff. But yesterday, we're all home, Basti Simon and Sam plus hubby and me. It was a fun, fulfilling afternoon for me, although we just stayed indoors. I was dog-tired at the end of the day but it was all worth it. Sam went home from Grandma Saturday afternoon. As soon as he came in, they boys watched a Tom and Jerry DVD. After getting tired of T&J, they played. Hubby and I tried to make them take an afternoon nap so I could at least do some of my online stuff, but they were energized and active the whole day. Hubby and I took turns making sure that no one gets hurt during their rough play, preparing food, and doing housework.  But mostly, I just lazed around with them and enjoyed their company. 

I thought I would get a sore throat from all the shouting that I did. It was a racket with all the boys home. Simon was like a little shadow to his kuya's, copied everything their doing, and tried to get in with every game.  Basti and Sam built what looked like a barricade out of pillows and stuff toys to keep Simon out. It turned out that he was a little afraid of his Kuya Sam, and we only had to call Kuya Sam's name and Simon would behave like an angel. 

One of the highlight of the day for me was seeing Simon hugging and kissing Kuya Sam. Simon happily hugged Kuya Sam many times during the day saying, "Iyabyu", and Sam hugged back many times too, giggling. On a regular day, Sam would push him off.  

Kuya Basti also managed to changed Simon's diapers on his own for the first time. Simon does not use diapers anymore most of the time, but there are times when he has to, still.  Instead of struggling and crying like he usually does when it's time to change diapers, Simon cooperated with kuya Basti and even shifted his position so Kuya Basti could put on the diapers easily. And all the while, they were giggling. 

Now while kids sleep, I'm here remembering yesterday with a smile, on an early Sunday morning.  

Jun 22, 2010

Unproductive Day

Today is such an unproductive day. I didn't go to work. My mother was not feeling well and the kid's Mama T did not show up in the morning. I went online and there was nothing to do there either. Miraculously, or should I say unfortunately, all transcription files had already been taken and there's nothing to do. Coincidentally, there are no voice mails to type too.

I thought I had been neglecting this blog for far too long. So I decided to visit friends at Adgitize and Entrecard, but then my connection was so slow the whole day that blog hopping only got me frustrated. I visited my PTC sites and one of them had already been deactivated due to inactivity, and I was asked to re-register with a new username. I almost freaked out, but then I decided maybe it's for the best. 

On the brighter side of things, at least I got to exercise today a little bit. I ran around the house after Simon. We barricaded the stairs so he couldn't climb up the stairs but he somehow always manage to find a hole when no one was looking.  My heart skipped a beat a few times during the day when I saw him on top of a chair while trying to turn the lights on and off. 

Well, hope tomorrow would be a better day in as far as my online activity is concern, and hope tomorrow my internet connection would be faster. Maybe I'll rant about tomorrow but not today. Have a good night everyone!

Jun 20, 2010

For The Love of Cars

Today is Father's Day. I want to greet all the fathers out there, especially my hubby, my father, and my brothers a Happy Happy Father's Day.

As Hubby and Basti headed off  to a friend's birthday party this morning, Basti said 'Bye Mama". Hubby said, "Give your Mama a flying kiss."  And he did blow me a flying kiss. I was so touched. As they walked away, hand in hand, I can't help but be amazed how big my eldest has grown. How time flies. In a few years, he'll be a teen-ager and wouldn't be blowing me a kiss anymore. I wonder if he or his brothers will make me cry someday with exasperation. As my brothers did with my mom.

My three boys remind me always of my three older brothers. Just like my boys, they are completely different from each other growing up. They have different hobbies, different set of friends, and personalities so different from each other they are bound to clash. They didn't have anything to agree on, they had nothing in common. They fight so much they made my mother cry with exasperation and made me and my youngest sister nervous every time.

As the years went by, they grew up to be men, thank God. The quarrels lessen as they matured and they became civilized with each other. Then, one of them became a Dad and we suddenly had a little bundle of joy called Loraine. Everything changed from there on. Having a baby in the family really changes everything. 

After Loraine, came Melai, then Russel, Bobi, Renz, and then my three boys, and I see my brothers getting along with each other more and more. Lately, I realized my brothers have something in common after all. They all love cars. Now, every time there's a family gathering, all  they talk about  is cars. They tinker with their vehicles, they go online for sites for car accessories like hyundai accessories, they compare notes on their latest accessories purchase, where to buy, what to buy. They taught each other how to drive, amazing, considering that they couldn't even hold a decent conversation back then. Now, every time they had car-related problems and minor accidents, they would call each other first for help. 

I'm happy they are getting along now. Aside from fatherhood and their love for the family, they found one other thing that holds them together, their love for cars. They also found their passions in life. I wouldn't have thought one of my brothers would become a photographer someday, and a good one at that.

My goal now as a mom is to find that one thing that will hold my boys together. It could be an activity, a hobby, a sport, anything that they would all have a love for and that they could do and have fun with each other. 

To my brothers, Happy Fathers Day. 

Jun 19, 2010

Mommy Moments : Daddy Moments!

mommy moments

To the most wonderful father in the world,  
Happy Father's Day! 

Thank you, Super Dad!

Jun 14, 2010

Pilipinas Got Talent Grand Winner : Jovit Baldivino

Basti, hubby, and I love this little guy. Such a big voice for such a small frame, and still a teen-ager at that. What a rags-to-riches story.  So inspiring.

Jun 13, 2010

From Private School to Public School and Back

It seems eons since I last posted something on this blog. Been very busy with new work, with my online job, and with keeping everything together at home. Sorry to those who visited and found the same post again and again. Well, let me break my silence now. Let me start by changing our theme. The blue gets to me sometimes. For a change, I'd like to see green all around me. Vibrant, bright, lively green. 

I'm training for a new job, so everything has been hectic for me the past month. New job, new location, new co-workers, new work schedule. Thankfully, I had not been as stressed as I thought I would be. My co-workers are a young, nice, and happy bunch. Work location is a just 20 minutes ride away from home, and day shift is working better for me than night shift. 

I'm not the only one in the family who'll be experiencing change this year. Basti is going back to his old private school. Last year, we had to put him to a public school nearby when his father lost his job due to the recession (the company had to let them go but got them back again when the economy improved at the latter part of 2009). Last year was a challenging year for us, not only financially but also emotionally. 

Basti is excited to go back to school and meet with old friends. Looking back, I can see how resilient my child is. He went to public school knowing he had no friends there, because I think he knew he had no choice. I was a nervous wreck the first day of school last year. It rained heavily the first day, and the teachers sent the kids out earlier than normal. In public school, kids are on their own. They don't keep the kids inside until someone picks them up. I was worried and we decided to go to the school to check if the kids were sent home earlier than usual. My husband was halfway out the door when we saw Basti by the gate, hollering "I'm home!" He went home on his own for the first time in his life. At that moment, I was proud of my little boy but kind of worried as well. He was alone at the school waiting for us, and there was no assurance we would come pick him up, when a Pedi cab driver offered to give him a ride home. He's familiar with the driver so he took the offer and just told him that Mama and Papa will be the one to pay when he gets home. He had no pocket money since we're not counting on him being sent out early. That day, I realized that by sending my child to public school, I deprived myself and him the sense of security that we were enjoying at his private school. I felt like I let him loose out there, in the jungle. 

But that was last year; my perspective of public school has changed over the months Basti spent in the nearby public school. While my sense of security was shattered, Basti sense of independence grew. He now has pocket money for "emergencies". He made friends quite easily. He learned to be a "cleaner", which gave him quite a sense of responsibility. He's the 6th top student in a class of 50. He learned that although we are not rich, not even middle-class, we are luckier than most people. He learned to share things and space with other kids. There are so many things he learned that cannot be taught in the sheltered walls of a private school, and this one year at public school has changed him in so many ways.

Basti is happy that he’ll be studying again at his old school this year. He misses his friends that he’s been with since Kindergarten days. It would have been okay to let him stay in his public school, but then every time I remember going to his class and unable to find him easily among almost 50 beaming faces, because he’s big and usually at the back row, I have a nagging feeling that I’m not giving him the best that I can give, as a parent. So for now, since God has blessed us with many good things this year, Basti will be going back to his old school. 

I have nothing about public education. I spent my elementary days in public school, and my college days in a government university. It's just that when you're so use to the convenience of private school, and you put your child in a public school, you're in for a mild culture shock. Mostly for me, it's my peace of mind that was affected.  If you're considering enrolling your child in a public school this year or had already than that, don't worry, public schooling in the Philippines is not that bad, and not all public schools are all the same. Some are better than others. And besides, after the initial shock, and after the initial worrying stage, you'll get used to it, and will realize it's not that bad at all. It might even be good to your child too as it was for Basti.