Mar 30, 2010

Busy Monday

Yesterday was a busy productive Monday for me. I accomplished so many things in just one day. 

Monday morning, I was up by 5am proofreading materials my sister sent me (I'm her unofficial proofreader / assistant).

I was not yet done by 9 am but I had to prepare for my final interview for a job I'm applying for, so I had to stop. The company is very near our house (around 15-20 minutes only if there's no traffic), the job is on dayshift, and I won't need to talk because I'll be on email support if ever. 

By 11am, I am being interviewed. Whew! That was one of the most agonizing 10 minutes of my life. My hands were cold when I shook the hands of the interview. The last time I did that was almost  3 years ago. 

By 12, I'm was doing another exam specifically for email support. 

By 1, I'm done, and was told to just keep my lines open and to expect a call by this week. I'm not exactly sure if that means a no or a yes, but it could be just exactly that. I hope I get the job. We'll see after the Holy Week. 

At 3pm, we were at Basti's school. He placed 6th in his class. I'm so proud of my Basti (and ashame of myself, hehe). Due to my busy schedule I did not have enough time to really focus on his studies daily (Yes, say it, I'm a bad mom). But still Basti did good at school, even without my proper guidance. He's like my brother when we were growing up. We never saw him studying but he always got perfect scores in exams. Congratulations Basti! We brought Teacher some ice cream because Basti wanted to give her a gift.

At 4, Basti, Simon and I were at home. Simon took his afternoon nap and sleep for well over 3 hours. Which is good since at that span of time I was able to finish the proofreading assignment my sister gave me. 

7:00 - Finished proofreading. Simon woke up. Played with Simon. 

At 8 hubby came home. I cooked dinner which is you know just rice and fried eggs. You think it'll be something complicated but that's what Basti wants, and it's the start of the Holy Week anyway. 

And by 11am, we're all asleep.We had to turn off all the lights though so Simon would sleep. He'd been keeping himself busy running around the house, singing, dancing and just talking to everyone in his own little language and managed to keep everyone exhausted keeping up with him. When turned off all the lights, he settled down to bed though.

So it was a fulfilling Monday. The only thing missing there was Sam.  He was with us at Basti's school but he went home to his grandma and will be back tonight. I seem to be missing Sam a lot nowadays. 

 And Today is a beautiful Tuesday morning! Did I bore you? I promise I won't do this again though.

The kids are still asleep. And now, I have to do my household duties, clean the house, cook lunch, wash the dishes ,and all those stuff before they wake up. Gotta go, everyone. Have a nice Day!

Mar 28, 2010

Today is Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. We're going to church early today. It's a good thing the kids woke up early. They went to sleep early last night too. I love Palm Sunday, and Easter Sunday. In fact I like the whole Lenten season. Aside from the fact that this is the time of the year where we purposely reflect on our lives and on God's works and Jesus' sacrifices, it also a season for rejoicing for many Filipino families. Aside from Christmas, this is when families usually get a chance to get together, especially those who would be going to their repective provinces. Easter Sunday is super fun too for the kids and the kids at heart.

May we not forget to reflect during this Holy Week.

Well, gotta go.

Mar 27, 2010

Our New Look and Name Thanks to Blogger's Template Designer!

Do you like our new look? I customized this from Blogger's new feature Template Designer. I would like to thank Ippietoon for showing me the way to this new feature. I was searching through their templates when I saw their post re Template Designer.  Oh, I love it! It's so easy to use and customize. I thought it's still in beta testing but I just received an email that it is already available. 

With the new look comes the new name as well. Husband and I agreed that we will not be using the kids' names on the blog title anymore. It will be now Three Little Boys and A Call Center Mommy. I've already resigned from work, but I'll always be a call center agent at heart. Who knows I may even go back but I'll definitely will not be on a night shift anymore. It's something that I'm good at, and it's a job I feel good at,  so I will retain that title though I'm not one anymore. My being a call center agent working at nights and sleeping during the day had determined the life we had in the last 5 years. 

So it's the same blog, with a new look and a new name, and still with the same little rascals, hehe. Hope you like us better now. 

Mar 26, 2010

Summer is Fun! Fun! Fun! For Basti Simon and Sam

mommy moments

Today's Mommy Moments left me wandering back to memory lane. How time flies. At first, Basti was the only star of our yearly visits to the pool. Then came Sam. And now there's Simon. Each and every summer outing is made more memorable and becomes more special because of the kids. One measure of the success of each outing is seeing if the kids had a fun and wonderful  time.

These are some of the most memorable summers that we have. Yup, we love the water alright!  We went to Volet Dasma three years in a row, starting in 2005, with my inlaws. These pics below are the latest in 2007.

In 2009, we celebrated my mom's birthday at another pool in Dasmarinas, Cavite. This is Simon's first summer outing. He was 7 to 8 months then. He got scared of the water. We just dipped him in the pool for like a few minutes and then he spent the rest of the day just watching the rest of us with his Mommy Tess. Sam and Basti had absolute fun with all of their cousins from my side of the family. 

I don't know yet what the plans will be this summer, but there will definitely be one. I'm hoping we could go to  my parent's hometown in Quezon during the Holy Week. That is something that I'm looking forward to. Till next time!

Mar 24, 2010

Cannon Baby Safe Products Joyful Parenting Event at SM Marikina

Cannon Baby Safe Products is inviting all moms and moms-to-be to their JOYFUL PARENTING event this coming March 28, 2010 at the Ground Atrium of SM Marikina.

Admission is free but pre-registration is a must. To register, kindly email your name and number to or call 7139435 to 38 loc.130/134/143 and look for Jenny or Rina for more details.

Here's the event programme flow:

On-site Registration starts 10:00am
Hosted by DJ George of Wave 89.1 FM

1:00 - 2:00 Twirl Band
2:00 - 2:05 Welcome address by the Host and Introduction of Dr. Macatangay
2:05 - 2:35 Dr. Elena Macatangay on "A journey to motherhood"
2:35 - 2:45 Open Forum
2:45 - 3:00 ISIS IQ DUO Film Showing and ISIS Breast Pump Game
3:00 - 3:05 Introduction of Dr. Cristina Limchu-Dela Cruz
3:05 - 3:35 Breastfeeding Preparedness with Dr. Limchu-Dela Cruz
3:35 - 3:45 Open Forum
3:45 - 4:00 Snack break and CordLife Philippines Product Talk
4:00 - 4:15 Goody Film showing and Raffle of Goody Gift Packs
4:15 - 4:17 Intro Chef Mitchie Sison,Sunnex Chef and GMA 7 "SIS" Chef
4:17 - 5:00 Chef Mitchie Sison for Baby and Mommy Food Cooking Demo
5:00 - 5:10 Final Raffle
5:10 - 5:30 Twirl Band plays while giveaways distributed

I totally enjoyed the last one they had at SM Rustan's. So I definitely recommend this event to everyone especially to all expecting moms and young moms out there.

Mar 18, 2010

Charice with Iyaz in Pyramid

I found this on my sister's FB page. Charice Pempengco with her new single Pyramid. I was not a great fan of Charice. I'm saying was because,  now,  I think I am. Yep, I'm starting to be a fan. I mean who wouldn't be?  I don't know why I've been so biased about her. I've always been proud of her and all her accomplished internationally as a young Filipina.  It maybe because we have so many singers in the Philippines, almost everyone can sing, (except me), and many sing like Charice or even better. I used to think that she's one lucky girl that's at the right place with the right people. But now, I think I'm changing my mind. Why can't I just be happy for her? She deserves whatever she has right now because of her talent and hard work. She has grown in a lot of ways and has honed her skills to perfection.

I think I like this video because it's light, just about right for her age. Most of the time she's belting out when she sings or what we call as "bumibirit" in  Tagalog. This one is different, and even Basti loves it. He said, "Ang galing Mama!" (Awesome!)

This video is at 996, 384 views as of 2:21 AM Manila, based on the numbers I see at You Tube.

Enjoy the video. There are more at and at You Tube's Charice Site. Check out the sites and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Mar 17, 2010

The Power of Thoughts and Spoken Words?

This morning, as hubby was leaving for work, I reminded him not to sleep on the bus. I even jokingly told him to sit beside women only, I wouldn't mind. Many things happen on a bus, especially when you are asleep. I told him these because he might lose his things while asleep, or that he might get victimized by pickpockets and such. . I asked him if he's all set and if he has everything that he'll need. Especially his cellphones. And he said yes.

By around 9:30, he was chatting with me online and asking if he had forgotten his cellphones at the chair by the door. Ay Sus Mio!

I thought to myself, do I have ESP? Did I have a premonition that something like this will happen,  or is this what they call as the power of thoughts and the spoken words?

My husband has 2 cellphones on that small bag,and that small bag he keep inside his satchel bag. And worse, he's using both cellphone for his loading service so both SIM / phones has still Autoload and Smart loads on it of less than a thousand each. We're trying to have the globe sim deactivated but Globe said it's not under his name. Hay, que horror!

I think we wouldn't get the cellphones back. I'm still praying that whoever found it or got it will find it in his heart to return it, if indeed he just dropped it somewhere by accident. But I called the two phones right after he chatted me and both phones are turned off. 

I could live with the thought that we lost the two time, hehehe. They're both old and they had to go. Still we can't afford to buy new ones right now, especially that I've just resigned from work. But what saddens me most aside from him not having any phone anymore, is that  we also lost all pictures of the boys that we haven't transfered yet to the computer. That broke my heart. That really broke my heart.

Mar 16, 2010

Hello I'm Back,.. But I May Be Gone Again Soon, thanks to Wi-max

Hello, I'm back. Haven't been blogging for what seems like an eternity. I've been busy with things...with making decisions actually.

Over the last few days, I had come to a decision to finally be a Stay At Home Mom. Yup. I'm a certified SAHM. I resigned last Thursday after being unable to go to work for a couple of days. My mom was unable to take care of my kids for more than a week because my nephew got Dengue (I'll post something about thatlater) and was hospitalized. Hence, with no one to look after Basti and Simon ( Sam stayed with my mother in law..again) during the nights hubby was still in the office, I naturally took care of them, and thus I couldn't go to work, and won't be able to for maybe a long time, by choice and by necessity.

I plan to work from home. I have an online job already but I need something more. So this is why I was not blogging for the last few days. I've been busy. And also, I am really finding it hard to blog and bloghop nowadays because my ISP's Wimax is acting up. Anyone has the same problem? Do you know the feeling when you're feeling so cold already out of frustration? I'm so frustrated right now. At first, I thought it was my computer, but after checking and rechecking, testing and retesting, deleting files, running all kinds of software to remove undesirable components (viruses, spy wares) and to optimize PC performance, I was still receiving DNS errors and even Google couldn't load!  And then I called them and they said all of Luzon is having the same problem. And worse, they don't know when it will be resolved. Arrghhh, I need an income!  I decided to be a stay at home, but it doesn't mean I'll be a penniless one. But how will I earn at this rate? So I'll be here today, but tomorrow I may not, thanks to my ISP's Wi-max. Whatever problems they are having, I'll hope they fix it fast. Oh, please!
Oh, and I'll be changing the name of this blog, but not so soon. I'm a call center mommy no more, but who knows, I might just miss the job. 

Mar 6, 2010

Spending Time with Friends

It's been a long time since I have seen college friend M. The last time I saw her was on Simon's baptismal a year and a half ago, and we were not able to talk long because there were so many guests and so many things going on back then. On the other hand Bestfriend Ning and I always see each other almost every week or every other week. And we always ask M to join us but we have had no luck with her. She's always busy!

And then one day,  we got a call, a text,  and a message in facebook that she wanted to see us. WTH!  This made me really think. She's not one to do that out of the blue. Apparently, she said she's going away to move far south and may not see us for a long time, so she wanted to see us before she go.

It's always good to see old friends. We spent the day catching up, remembering old times, and just laughing at and with each other. The good thing about my two friends is that we (or should I say I) can  tease (them), and laugh at each other and no one gets hurt or  gets even, LOL. I miss M already. She'll be going somewhere south  but it's a secret where, so I'm keeping her destination secret.

We ate at Cabalen. Here's Ning's favorite food of the day. Yes, it's snails cooked in coconut milk. (Ginataang Kuhol).

Filipino food, Thai, and Japanese cuisines are available at Cabalen for an eat- all-you can price. Here's my plate of Filipino Desserts.

My tummy ache after eating and laughing so much. Afterwards, we went home to my house so the Ninangs (godmothers)  could see their inaanaks (godchildren) where they were entertained by the very outgoing Simon.

It was again another happy day. Thanks M and Ning for that  wonderful day!

Mar 4, 2010

Women Entrepreneurship Summit - March 8, 2010!

Here's an event mom entrepreneurs will surely enjoy!

ACTIVITIES: Awarding of Go Negosyo-Philippine Commission on Women (PCW) Inspiring Women of the Year * Launch of 100 Stories of Small Entrepreneurs Book (Tagumpay Mula sa Kahirapan) * Inspirational forums on business opportunities and women empowerment * Exhibits and activity areas on business ideas in health ; wellness, beauty , cosmetics, fashion & accessories, food, technology * Seminar rooms on the how to’s of starting a business and on women’s issues and concerns. For more info, visit the GO NEGOSYO site.

See you there!

Mar 2, 2010

My Thoughts This Tuesday : No Migraine Monday = Happy Day

Yesterday was one of the best Mondays I've ever had. Why? Got no migraine this Monday. I woke up feeling fresh and awake. For the first time in decades I was not sleepy. This continued till evening and on to my to Tuesday morning shift. It was a happy day. 

Before I went home today, I  bought a birthday gift for Basti's teacher. Just a small token of appreciation for my son's second mother at school. Teacher C was pleasantly surprised but I knew beforehand that most of the students brought her gifts. Basti was worried that he won't be bringing a gift to school. We were not able to buy a gift Monday night.  He was worried that he's the only one without a gift for Teacher. So, I made sure to bring Teacher's gift to school. I was glad that the school guard let me in. Basti shyly gave the gift to teacher and I went home as soon as I handed over the gift, not wanting to disrupt the class. 

Sam was at my mother in law, and I felt sad all of a sudden. This was the only low moment of the day, not being able to see Sam when I got home.

 Simon was having slight fever so I took him to the pedia. He's throat kinda sore. He was given ammoxicillin and Ambroxol, so he should be okay in a day or  two, so nothing to worry there. 

And, as I was about to go to sleep and call it a day at 4 in the afternoon, I received word that I got paid for my first ever online job and I was ecstatic. Wonderful wonderful news!

I thank God for this wonderful day. May tomorrow be a better one. I am looking forward to seeing my two best friends in college. Excited!


FINAL ACTIVITY SCHEDULES of EXPO KID 2010 are now POSTED ON  See you there!!!