Jan 31, 2010

Welcoming A New Sibling

mommy moments

Better late than never. Got so busy last Friday and Saturday.. and too tired as well,  with so much calls coming in at work.. that I was not able to post my first ever Mommy Moments entry.

I'd like to share just the same. Here's a pic of Basti and Sam when Sam was a just a few days old. Taken with their Papa's cellphone camera. 

The first few days were difficult for Basti (being an only child then, he's so used to being the center of attention of a big household) but he warmed up to his younger brother pretty quickly. It's just a matter of educating him beforehand of what will happen when his little brother arrived. When I was pregnant, we bought a book, Aba, May Baby Sa Loob ng Tyan ni Mommy! and we read it almost every night. There were nights when Basti would wake me up from my sleep because he saw Sam moving in my tummy. So I would say it was a quick adjustment for Basti.  I heard him one day say to baby Sam, "Ikaw pala yung gumagalaw sa tyan ni Mama!", amazed.  Below was a photo of Basti and Sam, a few years later.

But when Simon was born, Sam had a little bit difficulty adjusting. He had more than the usual episodes of tantrums and cried at the slightest bit of provocation from Basti. Sometimes he would ask to be picked up when Mama was holding Baby Simon. He was scared of Baby Simon and wouldn't go near him for some time. He became Mama's little helper but dared not go near his brother. I guess he was scared.

This is a rare photo of my three boys when Simon was just a few days old.


Now, my three boys spend their days playing with each other, running around the house, shouting, screaming, wrestling, (yes even 1year old Simon joins in the fun), bickering over toys and online games,   making our house look like a war zone everyday.

Jan 30, 2010

Margie and Edna Made Me Laugh Today!

I went home and found the house empty. As usual, my boys are at their lola's house. I feel sad and lonely in an empty house. Feeling tired and alone, I went online to check my EC Inbox, I found there's an advert waiting for an approval. It says Margie and Edna. I visited the site and dropped. I read the first post and the next and the next and the next until I couldn't stop. Why? Because Margie and Edna made me laugh.  The blog Margie and Edna's Basement  is about two fictional sisters in the fictional town of Jericho, KS, and their obvious dislike for each other. You have to visit Margie and Edna to see what I mean. From now on, I'm a follower. Thanks for making my day brighter, Margie and Edna.

Jan 25, 2010

I Blog, I Care Movement

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Jan 24, 2010

Mommy Academy's 19th Pregnancy & Baby : Handle with Care: You, Your Baby and Your Pregnancy

Mark your calendars mommies. Just got this email From Mommy Academy!

Mommy Academy invites  expectant Moms and Moms with newborns to the 19th Pregnancy &  Baby Series on February 20, 2010 at the Dusit Thani Manila. Entitled " Handle with Care: You, Your Baby and Your Pregnancy",  mommies will find out about the latest pregnancy-related news,  vaccines for pregnant moms and  babies, and will be able to discover if they're ready for another child.

Admission is free, but pre-registration is a must. 

To register, simply log on to www.mommyacademy.com.ph, or call 8205070/ 8257454, or thru SMS key in PBS your complete name and contact details and send to 0928-5067304 or 0927-8818332.

Jan 22, 2010

NeuroLinguistic Programming For kids

One of the best talks I've heard yet on any events  I attended was the talk by Ms Elaine Ledesma at the Mom's Today Sa Ugoy ng Duyan at the Dusit Thani last October 10. She talked about Neurolinguistic Programming for kids.

One of the most important rule of linguistic programming  for kids is  to AVOID SAYING NO, and DON'T. Hence instead of saying, don’t run, it would be better to say "Walk".  Use positive words always.

Apparently, our kids have their own preferences on how to learn. Some children learn faster through hearing, others through seeing, and others by touching, hence there are visual kids, auditory kids, and feeling kids.

The VISUAL child learns more through reading and watching. This child will always be looking up either to the upper left or upper right, or if not, straight ahead , has high pitch of voice, and will always use words such as LOOK, SEE, IMAGINE.

The AUDITORY child learns through listening, either through songs, sounds, etc. He/she loves different voices and sound effects, is usually talkative, and loves hearing himself speak, and usually talks to himself a lot.   An auditory child would likely become a newscaster in the future.  The auditory child usually looks to the left or right side or down left.

The FEELING child loves being hugged and kissed. This would the future athlete. A feeling child always looks down right. An example of a feeling person would be Sharon Cuneta who uses hand gestures to express herself more.

The lecture was very enlightening for me. As she was discussing the traits of each type of child, I began to understand my boys more. Basti would be the visual child. He loves to draw, watch movies, and read. Sam is the auditory child, he loves listening to music, loves to make sounds as he plays, and loves to listen to educational cd's and his V tech computer which emits sounds and voices every time he touch the buttons. It's just sad that he can't talk that much at this point... I can imagine all the things he'll have to say!   Simon is my athletic child. Always on the go, always crawling, always wanting to go out and play outside. I call him my adventurer; he always goes where no one dares go before LOL.

One of the key to improve communication with our kids is to know  their learning preferences. Thanks to Ms Elaine!

Jan 20, 2010

Haiti In the Mind of An 8-Year Old

The wind blows strong outside... and I don't like it. No, no, no. It looks like there's a storm coming, and I don't want to experience one just yet. I pray that we'll stay dry just a little bit longer. I don't want to look back to what happened last year, but we all know what happens when there's little bit more rain than what's needed. Yes, the memories of typhoon Ondoy will forever leave me rushing home every time there's little bit of rain. And remembering Ondoy, my mind wanders to what's happening in Haiti. The events there are so sad and tragic that I kept off blogging about it or even talking about it. I find it hard to write about painful memories or things. But then, I can't just pretend that it never happened. I have to acknowledge that there are people halfway across the globe suffering tremendously. I could at least pray for them, and pray for us too, who are safe that such a thing may not happen to us. Yesterday, Basti asked me, Mama, magkano ba ang TV? (How much would it cost to buy a TV?). I asked him, puzzled, why he wanted to know. He said, Kasi pag lumindol, pano naten papalitan ang TV naten? (Because...If there's going to be an earthquake, how would we replace the old one?). I stood there immobilized for a moment. After some time, I calmly told him to not think about such things. Should there be an earthquake that big, we would not even think about buying any new appliances. I asked him to pray at night for his and everyone's safety. Once, he asked how come all the buildings collapsed. Are they not built strongly enough? These are the questions of my 8-year old, and it pains me to answer them. It pains me because I know what it means to be hurt, physically, and I cannot stand the thought of children hurt, hungry, homeless, and parentless. But as much as I don't want to think about Haiti and Ondoy, I have to, because my Basti needs answers. Answers for his questioning mind and his troubled little heart.

Jan 19, 2010

To Do List! All Done?

I went back to work last night.  And I missed my boys as soon as I was out of the house.  As usual they were still awake when I left.

 What have I done during my 3 days vacation (note, 5 days including weekend)? Due to the migraine, almost nothing.  I was able to spend time with the boys, yey!  And oh, I finally managed to put some semblance of order to our room upstairs where, for the past week, all sorts of bills, papers, toys, and other knickknacks have been scattered.  I sorted things out only yesterday afternoon though. It's funny. I have a list of all sorts of things I’ve been meaning to do when I find some free time.  But when I finally got the free time (and that’s 5 days of free time), I was not able to accomplish anything.

I’ve got to tell you, we have so many malfunctioning devices at home that I need to bring to a repair shop: 3 cell phones that would not turn on, a hot water dispenser that would not dispense, a DVD player does not recognize the DVDs we play, and a digital camera that takes blurred images.  Not to mention toys whose batteries need to be replaced.  I don't know why all of them malfunctioned at the same time.

I need to have the socket fixed at the room upstairs, need to have  the light switch at the kitchen checked ( house ants decided to make the light switch box  their home), and need to have the bulb replaced at the top of the stairs ( That's so easy if we can only reach the socket!).

I need to sort which things I need to throw away and which to keep.  There are so many papers and magazines in our room and in the other room that should be thrown out, old clothes and toys that need to belong somewhere else or to someone else other than me.  But I’m having a hard time. I'm a natural hoarder, so it's really hard for me to do this last task.

There are so many little tasks that's on my list, but I can’t seem find the energy to even start a task. So here I am, wishing  again for another few days of vacation, so I can finally accomplish what’s on my To Do List.  How I wish! Good luck to me!

Jan 18, 2010

EXPO KID on March 6, 2010

This just came in to my Inbox today. I'm happy to hear that EXPO KID  which was postponed last year is finally going to push through this March. A little early for me to post this but just a heads up so you can mark your calendars. I'm already marking mine! Another year of mommy events!

Jan 17, 2010

For the past few days, 3 days of vacation leave to be exact, I have been a full time mom. Yes, there’s no such thing as a part time mom, but you know what I mean.   My mother, who takes care of Simon everyday, went home for a few days to take care of my youngest sister. She had a cyst taken out. We really hope and pray that the mass taken out is not cancerous.  That’s all we can do for now, pray and have faith.

It could have been a wonderful 5 day vacation (including weekend) taking care of the kids  but I got  a migraine attack on the very first day of my VL and it never let up till Saturday evening. I’m feeling much better now, but I wouldn’t know if I’ll feel the same way tomorrow. I usually have migraines on Monday. As I have commented on a post regarding cluster migraine, mine is like it’s scheduled.  I haven’t had one for a long time since I followed my doctor’s advice to rest after work before doing anything else. I hate my migraines, especially so that I hate taking meds, and it hinders me from fulfilling my duties as a mom, and prevents me from doing things and going places with my boys.
So Sam stayed with my in-laws for a few days, because I cannot take care of 3 rowdy (but fun!) boys alone under one roof at the same time while I have a head splitting headache that wouldn’t go away. He just went home Friday afternoon.

Sans the migraine, I still love my three-day vacation. Although the last few days left me exhausted, and though my temper flared a lot of times, it’s great to have more bonding moments with the kids. It’s great to go to sleep beside them (although most of the time, I drift off to sleep first and husband watches over them). The kids are like Energizers. They can stay up till midnight when they want to. Which is almost every night.  Poor hubby! For the last few days, I’ve been waking up early morning around 4 to prepare breakfast. It’s great to watch them as they sleep, all three of them. It’s great to see Simon’s smile the minute he open his eyes  as if saying Hello world, I’m back! It’s great to hear Basti talks in his sleep.  And to see Sam reaching out to his best friend Jollibee as he awakes and falls back to sleep. These are the simple pleasures that I miss  every day being a call center agent working nights.

Being a full time mom to three little boys entails a lot of patience and stamina. I salute all the SAHM’s and WAHM’s out there. How do you do it? It is also  at times like this that I began to appreciate more  the people around me who help me raise my kids  and take care of my boys for me  as if they are their own (my mom, my in-laws, and our MaTess) . How do they do it?   They’ve been very patient with my kids, when I on the other hand, lose my temper most of the time, haha. I guess the answer to my questions is simple. The answer is Love.  My boys are blessed with so many people loving them.

Jan 16, 2010

Bonding Moments Online

Basti now has a new computer. Well, yes, it’s supposed to be my computer, but I don’t want to take ownership over it especially so, when Basti chipped in with his Christmas money. Yep, he even came with us to the store where we bought it. By the look of things, I might as well go back to my favorite internet cafĂ©. I can’t concentrate at home, can’t blog properly, especially when the boys sit beside me, fidgeting and asking every 5 minutes if I’m done. I decided then to set a schedule so that all of us can use the computer at different times during the day.  I also made a new set of rules at the house, that is, no playing on the computer until all assignments are done, and no playing during exam week. And maximum of two hours each day only.

So now, the boys spend a few hours everyday, huddled over the computer, their bodies and faces close together, as they play online games or downloaded games on the computer. Even Sam knows how to play Hidden Objects and Memory Games. He’s really good at Memory Games. Sometimes he just watches and sometimes Basti lets him play alone. Basti seem to be a little more “cooperative” ever since we had the computer installed.  They shriek, even Simon, laugh and shout at each other when playing. Just three little boys having a good time. One Friday afternoon, we just sat on a long chair in front of the computer and helped each other find missing objects in a Hidden Object game. Good bonding moment for the four of us. Just us, three little boys and a call center mommy. How I miss my digital camera!

More on Basti's Root Canal and Simon's Teething

One of my friends said that root canal therapy is not painless at all. Her sister had root canal done and it was so very painful according to friend. And her sister is an adult. Hmmmm. Did I hear the doctor right? By painless, does he mean less pain. Alright, he did not say pain free right?

This led me to go online to research more on the process. I even went to forums and read some posts from parents whose kids had root canal. Some kids are having a hard time chewing after a root canal therapy, and still are suffering from pain. If the root canal treatment does not work, the tooth may still need to be extracted. And there may still be a chance that the damaged tooth may still get infected after root canal. With the expense and the thought of a possible series of traumatic experiences for Basti, I am getting more sure each day that I’ll just have his tooth extracted.

More on teeth, Simon is teething again. I don’t know if the two upper teeth erupting are molars or canines. I found a really good article re teething on New Parents Guide which is very easy to understand. First molars usually come out at 10 to 14 months, and canines erupt 15 to 18 months. Looks canines to me but probably more of molars than canines, since he has not grown molars yet. Simon has all these symptoms; irritability, drooling, and coughing, biting & gnawing, cheek rubbing and ear pulling, not sleeping, cold like symptoms (runny nose. Good news is that Simon loves his pacifier less and less. He does not ask for it or cry over it anymore. Maybe he has outgrown it or it is not enough anymore to sooth his teething pain. He's beginning to chew on anything he can lay his hands on though. Bad news, hehehe.

Jan 14, 2010

I'm Joining BHO Contest!!!

It's a little bit late for me to join but still worth a try. I keep coming back to BHO's site every now and then. I know there's a contest, but being new to this kind of things and being so busy with work and the kids, I didn't really pay much attention. Until Chris posted that she'll be joining and the fact I have 3 days of  Vacation leave starting today, and have so much time to spare, I went over to the BHO's site again and checked the contest mechanics. It's such a big contest, I might get lost in it, hahaha! Awesome!Thanks Liezl for the contest!!!

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Jan 11, 2010

The 6 Year Molar

I had Basti checked by his pedia last Saturday afternoon. So the wisdom tooth falling off has nothing to do with his fever and stiff neck. But the culprit is still a tooth. A permanent tooth. The 6 year molar.

The 6 year molar is a permanent tooth that erupts by the time our kids enter grade school. I thought kids’ teeth all start out as wisdom teeth that are eventually replaced by permanent teeth. I was wrong. Apparently, there is such a thing as 6 year molar that does not have any tooth preceding it. Maybe I was not listening to the doctor at the time I had Basti’s permanent filling done, or else why would I think this is a wisdom tooth, when the doctor specifically said the filling will be permanent.

In November, I took Basti to the dentist for a check up since he was complaining that his tooth hurts every time he eats. One of his molars is decaying and so naturally the dentist had a permanent filling put on it.

Two month later, it seems that the cavity is already so deep that the permanent filling did not do any good. Basti has to take antibiotics for 7 days and pain relievers too. The permanent filling was taken off  last Sunday and replaced by temporary filling again until such time we decide on what to do. When he’s all better we can think about considering having a root canal done.

I don’t really like the idea of a root canal. First it’s expensive, at least to me, (I’m just a call center agent trying to make ends meet). It's  9,000 pesos or approximately $183,  and it’s time consuming. We have to go back every week till the process is complete. Not to mention the trauma that Basti might get. Well, that’s just an afterthought. Doctor said the process is painless. But you know, pain is subjective.

I asked the doctor what if we just have a tooth extraction. That, according to him and his dentist wife, is not a good idea. This is a 6 year molar that cannot be replaced and is very important in helping other teeth fall into place. Losing it will affect the other teeth, making them crooked and loss of it may even lead to loss of other teeth.

Hayz, I’m at lost. I wish I had paid more attention to Basti’s dental care.  How can I? I'm not around in the mornings and evenings.  Now I learned my lesson, I swear, this won’t happen to Simon and Sam. Bad mother. Me.

Jan 8, 2010

The Fall of the Wisdom Tooth

One of Basti's last remaining wisdom teeth fell off  yesterday morning while he was brushing his teeth. He did not want to go to school because he was scared his classmates might tease him when they see his missing tooth. We said there's no problem with that, all  he had to do is to not smile! He laughed upon hearing that and the gap in between his teeth showed. But then he was okay again  afterwards. He went to school  but then in the afternoon when he got home, we found out that he was runing a  fever and his neck seemed stiff. Did it have anything to do with the wisdom tooth.? Is it normal for a child to have a  fever when a wisdom tooth falls off?  Since it was almost night when he got home from school, I had him take  paracetamol and promised him I'd take him to the doctor today if he does not get any better by morning. And today,   he's feeling better,  as if nothing happened. Well, I'll  still be taking all of my  three boys tomorrow to the doctor for a check up where I'll have some of my questions answered.

this was basti's picture last year at a time when he lost most of his wisdom teeth
One of the last of the wisdom teeth. Tsk tsk.  That means that my Basti is a big boy now.  He asked me if I can stop from calling him my baby. Well, I can't help it. My boys will always be my babies, no matter how big they grow. But I promised him I would not refer to him endearingly as a baby anymore. So I won't. But who knows, sometimes, we mommies tend to forget right?

Jan 5, 2010

Thank You to My Entrecard Family

Today I'd like to thank all those who  supported us and who viewed our photoblog at momcenter.com. Win or lose, it was worth competing and worth a try. I'd also like to thank my Entrecard family for dropping by and advetising on our site. I'm glad I joined Entrecard and Adgitize. The list of my top droppers is at the sidebar. Thanks to all of you. Special thanks also goes to Mommy Journey for  serving as an inspiration to me, and I'm sure, to many other new mommy bloggers.   Smile Everyone! We have a lot to be thankful for!