Dec 6, 2010

Simon's Second Favorite Video : Lollipop

So, Basti had his First Holy Communion yesterday. Sad to say, I was a no show on my son's important event. I had a severe stomach problem that prevented me from going to church. What horrible timing. So it was just his Papa and him.  I still can't get over the fact that I wasn't there for him but then he's a great kid, he understood that I was sick. He looked so handsome in his white polo and slacks and he kinda looked different when he came home. I'll be posting pictures of this important event in the next few days. Taking of pictures was not allowed so we have to wait for the official photographer to deliver the pics.

Meanwhile, let me share with you another one of Simon's favorite videos on YouTube, Lollipop 

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  1. congratulations to your son! my eldest will also having their first communion this month :)


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