Dec 12, 2010

Of Sick Mommy and Hospitals

I had been sickly lately. And I hate myself for being that. I missed two very important occasions because I was sick. First, Basti's First Communion (yeah, move on, I know) and yesterday, Sam's very first Christmas party. I don't know what happened but just as we were about to head out the door to go to the party's venue, nausea so extreme hit me and then I found myself throwing up uncontrollably. Nah, I'm not pregnant. Must be something I ate. Good thing, sister dear was around to take Sam to the Christmas party or else I wouldn’t have forgiven myself for being the cause of my son's missing his very first Christmas party.

I'm lucky I was not taken to the hospital, but I was tempted to ask to be taken. For some reason, unlike other people, I don’t mind hospitals. It's the expense and the inconvenience of being taken to the hospital that bothers me. I know hospitals are there to make sick people well, and they are not offensive to me. I have been hospitalized three times in my life due to illness when I was younger. Those were the times when nurses still wear immaculate white uniforms and have caps on their heads to boot, and trendy fashionable medical scrubs are unheard of.

The most recent experience that I have of hospitals was just a few months back. My friend Gracie underwent a gallbladder operation. After what seems to be hours of waiting, doctor finally came out of the OR, fresh from taking off his surgical scrub holding a small metal container. No one prepared me for what I saw. There on that container was Gracie's gallbladder and the doctor was showing it to us, to me! I have never seen any organ fresh out of a human body before! I almost fainted but I held on to my seat as the doctor showed her mom where the tiny little stones blocking her gallbladder were. And that means opening up the gallbladder right before my eyes. As much as I love Gracie, I can’t say I love that part of her right then and there, LOL. And the stones were so small, how could it have caused so much pain, and cost her so much! Well, we all know the answer to that, forgive me for asking.

The only sad experience I had with hospitals so far is when my friend Tina was hospitalized. Whenever I'm sick and away from my boys, I think of my close friend Tina. She's a super mom. She finished her MassComm degree while being a hands-on mom to a seven year old and taking care of her household all by herself, no help, and still had the time to visit me at home. Amazing woman. Just a few days after graduation,  she got sick, got admitted to the hospital, went into a comma, was revived, went into a comma again. Now she lay in a vegetative state. It was like a roller coaster of emotions for us who witnessed her go through all of these. Now she had been brought home and is being taken cared of in a makeshift hospital room in their home. It has been five years. I miss her so. Her body is there but her mind was not. And every time I'm sick, I think of her and will myself to be well. I wish she can will herself too. I terribly terribly miss her. She was enjoining me to set up a preschool. Yes, it's a sad story. Even now, it makes me sad.

Aside from that, I am glad I have a positive feel for hospital and I hope it stays that way. I pray that it stays that way. Hospitals now are different. Some are like hotels already, especially the more expensive ones. Nurses look good in their nursing uniform scrubs and doctors are more approachable, especially the young ones. And of course, with technological breakthroughs everything is done with more precision, faster, and more comfortably than before. Well,  even with all that,  I wish I won't have to be sick again. Gotta take care of myself better. Hmmm, let me make that my new New Year 's Resolution. Being a mom, even our bodies are not ours alone. We gotta stay healthy not only for ourselves but also for those teeny weeny tots that depend on us. Right, moms? 

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