Dec 23, 2010

Merry Christmas From Three Little Boys!!!

A special greeting from my boys, courtesy of Basti through Paint: 

I purposely disconnected the internet connection so they couldn't play online games, but they refused to stay away from the computer. I found the three of them, heads close together, making what seem like a Christmas wishlist through Paint. Basti, the eldest, is the captain of the ship while the two youngest nods their heads in approval. 

 Basti says he wants a PSP and a hundred pesos. 

Sam wants a new Tom and Jerry DVD.

And Simon, well, Basti assumes this is what he wants. A Sponge Bob DVD. 

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  1. nice wishlist for your kids.. my kids now are asking for Nerf.. i didnt understand what Nerf is but after searching, found out its a gun.. and expensive! I am still thinking..

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