Dec 4, 2010

Anxiety Attack!

A very short post today. 

All of a sudden, I'm having an anxiety attack. I don't where this feeling came from, what's the root of this anxiety. Possibly because I'm anxious (nay, overexcited?) for tomorrow. 

Basti will have his First Communion tomorrow.  Another big step for my 9-year old. He had his First Confession last Thursday, and I got teary-eyed as I saw my child sitting in front of the priest reading out and confessing his sins. 

I can't imagine myself tomorrow. I hope I don't shed a bucket of tears or else Basti will be embarrassed. He's been acting out his "big-boy-not-a-mama's-boy" stuff lately. 

Yep, tomorrow's gonna be a big day. Have a good weekend everyone! I'm off to Baclaran to find good stuff at the most affordable price. 

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