Dec 16, 2010

All Dressed Up for Christmas: Bamboo Organ Church

The Las Pinas Bamboo Organ Church in the parish of St Joseph, famous for its nineteenth-century church organ made almost entirely from bamboo, is all dressed up for Christmas! 

The Church and its vicinity is one our favorite spots in Metro Manila. The whole environment has a small town atmosphere and is relatively peaceful and clean. We just live nearby so I should know. The police station, fire station, barangay hall, the church, a small wet market, a couple of ATM, and private and public schools are just steps away from each other. No malls yet, I hope they won't put one up here (and it's nearly impossible to since it's a residential community) or else it will lose its authentic small town charm. 

Every year the streets are adorned with Christmas lanterns like this: 

Stars glitter on the roof of the church museum: 

And the hundred year old trees are adorned with countless bright stars:

 And this year, they put up a tiange (flea market)  at the top of the Bulwagang Ezequiel Moreno and set up this special Christmas tree:

The church is a sight to behold. Sorry if the pics are not of the highest quality but the church really is amazingly beautiful at night, so much that you won't ever forget it's Christmas!


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