Nov 12, 2010

Mommy Moments: Favorite Color

mommy moments

Basti's favorite color is red. How do I know? I asked him. His first answer was red, and then he changed his mind to blue.  Basti is a blue person, Sam is a red person, and little Simon is the sunshine yellow in our family.

I checked on our photos and Basti has so many "red" pictures.  So today would be Basti's day.

One thing's for sure. He doesn't like the color pink. We have a pink food container at home which he refused to take to school just because it's pink. He said that pink is a girl's color and the boys at school might tease him.  Hayss, my little boys is growing up and is already being burdened by peer pressure and the issues of stereotyping. Gonna watch out for more, we have a long long way to go.


  1. Although i have read somewhere that "real guys wear pink"; since your boys are still young i think it is quite a relief for us moms that they don't go for pink. Bullies are everywhere, and we are not always around to rescue our kids.

  2. That's a nice spider face paint on Basti's face! Thanks for the visit, Mommy!

  3. nice face paint and handsome kid

  4. thanks for joining us this week! :D nice to see some photos of your kid :)

  5. hi mommy, I will check back on your other post later. red is my son's fave color too! cuteness!

  6. thanks guys for dropping by! have a wonderful weekend, mommmies!


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