Nov 28, 2010

Simon's New Favorite: Old McDonald Has A Farm

Simon is crazy about this Old McDonald Has A Farm video. We have played this over and over again, probably more than 50 times in You Tube the last few weeks.

Baby and Me Event by Philips Avents

This is happening today. Good for pregnant and new mommies.

Nov 26, 2010

Big Things!

mommy moments

This is our entry to today's Mommy Moments: Big Things!

Kuya Basti with the Transformers

See that big Shoe? Last year at the Manila Children's Playground in Luneta.

Big rocks at the BluRoze Farm in Lipa.

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Nov 24, 2010

Breaking the Friday Habit

Just to break off the habit of becoming a Friday blogger, haha, let me share with you some things this early Wednesday morning.

First, my Facebook status for today:
Since I became a SAHM and started earning a living online, I begun to understand how much a US dollar really costs. I begun to equate the US dollar not only to its Peso equivalent, but to the time it takes me away from my boys. A dollar earned could mean a few minutes, half an hour, an hour or maybe even more (depending on the difficulty of the task) spent away from them. Now most of the time, I think in terms of dollar, of what it can buy and  do for me and my boys. I don't earn that much because I only work when the kids are asleep or not around, but believe me, every US cent counts. I begun to think like this, "How much is this kilo of rice? Or the pedicab fare? It's almost a dollar. A dollar  that I worked for, or 30 minutes or so of my time spent away from Simon or Sam or Basti."  
          Exaggerated ba? Can't help it. 
So, I guess, this is what our OFWs feels and so much more. So for us here, left behind, why don't we think in dollars. Because when it's converted to peso, it seems like it's too much or so much that it's easier to spend. 
So this Facebook status, due to character limit,  was just converted to this:
started earning online & I understood how much a US $ really costs. Now, I equate the US $ not only to its PhP equivalent but to the mins & hrs it takes me away from my boys. I begun to think in $, of what a $ can buy & do for me and my boys. I guess, this is what our OFWs feels and so much more. So for us left behind, why don't we think in $, 'coz when it's converted to peso, it seems like it's too much. 
I wish I could say more on Facebook status. So glad I have a blog.

On to the next topic:

I'm excited about Saturday because my all-time favorite kids' show will be returning back on air. What else but BATIBOT! Hooray! When I was a kid, I never missed an episode of Batibot.

I wish they still have Pong Pagong. 

I have already set the alarm for 8:30 Saturday morning and am all set to switch the channel to ABC 5.

It's something to look forward to. My bestfriend's sister and nephew will have a mom-and-son role in one of the segments. Can't wait to see them on Batibot.

Nov 19, 2010

So Little!

mommy moments

It's Mommy Moments once again! Today's theme is So Little! 

What I have is a photo of Sam when he was so little, just a few days old!

This is a very special photo for me because this was taken by my bestfriend, Ning, (who's also my eldest Basti's godmother) when she visited me and our new baby Sam five years ago. In this photo, Sam's just a few days old. This is one of the first digital photos that I have, something that I did not scan but was sent to me electronically and it just sits in my inbox all these years.  

Meanwhile, that same day, Basti got a gift from Ninang Ning because the day the picture above was taken happened to be Basti's 4th birthday, and taraan... He got little toys from Ninang! Can you see the smug look on his face? Seems like he's thinking, "Wow, the toy trucks are not for the baby, it's for me!"

Basti, 4 years old on this photo and already a big brother 

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Nov 12, 2010

Mommy Moments: Favorite Color

mommy moments

Basti's favorite color is red. How do I know? I asked him. His first answer was red, and then he changed his mind to blue.  Basti is a blue person, Sam is a red person, and little Simon is the sunshine yellow in our family.

I checked on our photos and Basti has so many "red" pictures.  So today would be Basti's day.

One thing's for sure. He doesn't like the color pink. We have a pink food container at home which he refused to take to school just because it's pink. He said that pink is a girl's color and the boys at school might tease him.  Hayss, my little boys is growing up and is already being burdened by peer pressure and the issues of stereotyping. Gonna watch out for more, we have a long long way to go.

Nov 11, 2010