Oct 27, 2010

Nine Years of Being A Mom: Happy Birthday, Basti and Sam!

Basti and Sam celebrated their birthdays last week. Basti turned nine and Sam turned five. We had two separate small celebrations for them. Celebrations that were just simple but holds deeper meaning for me as a mom. 
Gosh, nine years as a mom. I suddenly feel older now that Basti is nine. In just a few years, he'll be a teen-ager. Good luck to me! :) There's something different when a child turns nine. When you're nine, you're officially not a baby anymore. For me, it is the age where a person starts transitioning from being a child to being a teenager. Thus, Basti will be getting more responsibilities this year and the years to come. No more "he's just a child, he doesn't know what he's doing" excuses for not-so-good behaviors.  

Meanwhile, Sam turned five, and I am so proud of my little boy. Sam's speech is delayed and still can't construct his own sentences, but he can express himself in so many ways. He knows so many things (like tinkering with the computer, cellphone, gadgets at the house and stuff), knows his numbers and letters, and knows how to write already. He just started school last September in community preschool just a few steps away from Grandma's house. Sam knows that being a five-year-old, he can't be treated like a baby anymore. He stopped drinking his milk in a bottle and started drinking milk out of a glass (I know, it's overdue). He's acting like a big brother to Simon at home, too. He talks to Simon the way Basti would when he's trying to put Simon to sleep. He's been doing a lot of things that I'm really proud of, small things that makes me smile, makes me happy, and he's improving a lot on his linguistic ability. 

The earliest, most distinct memories I have was when I was nine, when I was in Grade 3. I remember that this was the stage when I discovered the joy of reading. We just moved to our new home and there was a Canadian-owned library just for the residents of the community.  So it is very important for me at this point and onwards to focus on what my kids will remember and will look back on when they're older. Happy memories equal a happy person, right?  If I have had good and pleasant memories as a child, I want my boys' memories to be better and happier, and that's what I'm going to work on as a mom from now on. 

To my two boys, Basti and Sam, Happy Happy Birthday! Mama and Papa and everyone in the family love you very much! May you be happy and contented in the love that's being showered to you and may you give back that love to other people. Happy Birthday Boys!

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