Oct 14, 2010

K-Zone, Learning How to Send and Email, and Cartoon Network

Last night, I taught Basti how to send out an email. He so badly wanted to join K-Zone Where Kidz Rule Win It Contest. All kids got to do is send out an email, or text message, and snail mail to K-Zone with their details and the choice of toy they want to get. All entries will be raffled off on October 28, 2010.

It was fun and kinda amusing to watch Basti scroll on the page where the choices of toys are posted, and listen to his reasoning as he weigh his option on which toy he wanted to have. He opted for the Battle Striker.

This is Basti's first time to join a contest like this. He loves K-Zone and often asks his Papa and Ninongs to buy him a copy. There was one Christmas when all he asked from one Ninong is to buy him the latest issue and some back issues of K-Zone. Good thing now that they have a website, where Basti can go whenever he has "Computer Time". I hope Basti wins. His birthday is fast approaching and winning would be the perfect gift.

So we opted to send out an email. He already knows how to log in.  I taught him where an email address goes. He asked what a subject line is and  what  "CC" means. Hmmm, I said, to make it simple, "You put another email address there if you want to send the same e-mail to another person. In this case, you don't have to send it to anyone else, so we don't put anything there. CC- Carbon Copy." "Ahhh", he said with a smile. We put in the details  required to qualify. He clicked Send and I taught him to check on sent items if the e-mail sent was there. All these he did with an excited look on his face.

So with the email done, our trip to K-Zone's website brought us to the Cartoon Network. Although, this site is one of Basti's, and especially Sam's favorite site for games, Basti never really explored before the possibility of being a member of the CN Club. Basti wanted to sign up when he saw he can create cool avatars, and so we did. Aside from creating their own Avatars, members can play cool games on the Cartoon Network site and even earn CN Beans which can be exchanged for goodies. The good thing is that CN asks for Parental Consent. So before Basti could join I had to give my consent through an email they sent me.

These are two great sites that Basti loves. I enjoyed the experience of being able to share Basti's interests and by being with him as he signed up for the membership and the contest, not only was I able to make sure of his safety online, the experience also served as bonding moment with him.

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