Jul 21, 2010

My First Half of July : Part 1: Johnson's Bedtime Discoveries - A Very Late Post

I can't believe it took me this long to blog again. It's not as if I don't have anything to blog at all. There's so many things and thoughts running through my mind that need to be written, I simply  couldn't find the time. So little time. As I always say, 24 hours is not enough. 

Let me look back on what happened the first half of July. 

July 10, 2010, Saturday

I went to the Bedtime Believer Awards of Johnson's Bedtime Discoveries at the Aqua Knox Restaurant, Makati City. This is a very late post of that event, but I just want to say that I enjoyed that event so much. Although a very short one, there's something to be said about being in a room full of mommies who support a common cause, and that is good sleep for kids. Hosted by Caren Bayhon-Yrastorza, the Bedtime Believer Awards is actually a culmination for a series of meet-ups regarding the science of sleep for kids that Johnson's held over the past few months. The True Bedtime Believer Award was given to Pehpot Pineda (http://pehpot.blogspot.com); The Bedtime Believer – Science of Sleep Award was given to Ivy Rose Baldoza (http://mommycow.blogspot.com) and the Bedtime Believer – Magic of You Award, for Joanna Paula Briones (http://happythoughtshappytot.com). Congratulations, you guys!

I guess the reason why I enjoyed the event was because I felt like I already know most of the people there, if not personally, but by way of their blogs. I invited some friends over (Hi, Mia!) and met new ones. The venue was  not too big and not too small, just perfect for mommies to have a nice comfy chat with each other. J&J and the Nuffnang team did a wonderful job hosting the event. Had fun posing for the camera with Lourdes (who just started a blog), and Rochelle of Mom-Says(http://mom-says.com) and femme power (http://femmepower.crunchystyle.com). Oh, and I almost forgot, I won a gift check for a massage at The Spa. Lucky, lucky me. 

Nuffnang had a good post of the event at this link. I love the video that they made for mommy bloggers. Wish I could post that here. You can also visit www.babycenter.com.ph/bedtime to find out how to become a Bedtime Believer and discover the science of sleep for your babies.
Tomorrow, our two days of no electricity during Typhoon Basyang.

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