Jul 23, 2010

First Half of July: Part 2 - Decisions, Blessings, Brownout

I guess the biggest decision that I made on the first half of July is the decision to resign from work. Isn't it ironic that sometimes we want something so bad, and when we get it, we realize that that something's not we want at all. After a rigorous training, I quit my job. I felt so bad yet it's something that I feel I should do. I think of it this way; I resigned from my night-shift job last March so I could be there for my boys, so I could spend more time with them. Then I went back to work in another company at a lower rate in day shift account which was great for me. But then, the thing is, I found out after two weeks, that the nature of the job entails that I spend more time at the office than at home. I spend more like around 12 hours at the office every day. There's overtime pay alright but that's still hours spent away from home. I go home each and every day dead tired and can't even manage to do anything else for the kids and hubby. Poor Nanay. She's even more tired than me, because she takes care of Simon while I'm away, and I think she got sick because of fatigue. If this will be the case I might as well go back to my night shift job, because the time I spend at home is just about the same, travel time included, and I get a higher pay . Some people will not understand my decision but this is my life and I'm the one who's gonna suffer. I'm just hoping that I did the right thing for my kids, and that God will guide me through this. Enough said.

Second week of July, younger sister moved in. Good thing for me, I don't know for her. We set up like a home office upstairs as we're both transcribing. Now that I'm again a certified WAHM, I feel better working upstairs knowing that there's someone other than me that is awake and working in the wee hours of the night. I wonder until when she'll be able to handle the noise and din at our house, with the three little boys, he-he-he. Let's wait and see.

Sam finally came home. That's one big thing. One big blessing. He'd been so used to spending time at my MIL's house that he did not want to go back home with us anymore. But since there's a new baby in my MIL's house, Sam decided it's time to come home, because he's not the baby there anymore. Now, he spends his time playing with his toys upstairs, while I work on my computer. I think he's loving it at home now because he has not been asking anymore to be brought to her grandma. My sister in law was teaching him to read and write at their house. Now I'll be the one to do that for him, since I'll be staying home from now on.

The brownouts that Typhoon Basyang brought about also brought realizations to Simon's mind and mine. Simon learned that there's such a thing as brown-out. He thought that we just turned off the lights to prepare him for sleep. We had to manually show him that even when we click on the switch there'd be no light. "La, ilaw, la" is all he said in wonder. I realized that my kids understands a lot of things now. Nobody fidgeted, nobody cried, nobody threw a tantrum because it was too hot. My boys actually behaved in the two days of brown-out, even when it's dark. Even Sam who's scared of the dark. I guess they knew that they have no choice but to embrace the situation. I was their human electric fan, haha.

So there, it felt good writing that. Hope I'll be able to post something here everyday. I have lots of time now.


  1. I perfectly understand how you feel. It's really hard to leave the kids at home. Goodluck on your home job.

  2. Oh,you've resigned? well i can pretty well understand, being a mom myself. moms like us have changed priorities and it's for the benefit of our families.

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  4. Thanks for dropping by, Paula and Rochelle. I feel a little better knowing that people can understand what I'm going through, because some people can't. Sob! sob! sob! :)


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