Jun 27, 2010

My Saturday Affair : Fun with the kids

It's been awhile since we've been complete as a family. The kids usually go to my in-laws on Saturdays and I'm usually left alone to do my stuff. But yesterday, we're all home, Basti Simon and Sam plus hubby and me. It was a fun, fulfilling afternoon for me, although we just stayed indoors. I was dog-tired at the end of the day but it was all worth it. Sam went home from Grandma Saturday afternoon. As soon as he came in, they boys watched a Tom and Jerry DVD. After getting tired of T&J, they played. Hubby and I tried to make them take an afternoon nap so I could at least do some of my online stuff, but they were energized and active the whole day. Hubby and I took turns making sure that no one gets hurt during their rough play, preparing food, and doing housework.  But mostly, I just lazed around with them and enjoyed their company. 

I thought I would get a sore throat from all the shouting that I did. It was a racket with all the boys home. Simon was like a little shadow to his kuya's, copied everything their doing, and tried to get in with every game.  Basti and Sam built what looked like a barricade out of pillows and stuff toys to keep Simon out. It turned out that he was a little afraid of his Kuya Sam, and we only had to call Kuya Sam's name and Simon would behave like an angel. 

One of the highlight of the day for me was seeing Simon hugging and kissing Kuya Sam. Simon happily hugged Kuya Sam many times during the day saying, "Iyabyu", and Sam hugged back many times too, giggling. On a regular day, Sam would push him off.  

Kuya Basti also managed to changed Simon's diapers on his own for the first time. Simon does not use diapers anymore most of the time, but there are times when he has to, still.  Instead of struggling and crying like he usually does when it's time to change diapers, Simon cooperated with kuya Basti and even shifted his position so Kuya Basti could put on the diapers easily. And all the while, they were giggling. 

Now while kids sleep, I'm here remembering yesterday with a smile, on an early Sunday morning.  

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