Jun 28, 2010

My Hapontukin Moments

I have always been antukin, even as a child. I think it’s because I’m anemic. Funny thing is I’m mostly inaantok during mornings and afternoons, but during the night, I’m alive. I guess you could say that I’m a nocturnal person. No wonder I became a call center agent and loved being one. 

Being antukin did not bother me at work before, because I was on a night shift. Although my co-workers already knew that I’d be the first one to head out to the sleeping quarters during lunchtime, it’s kind of taken as normal, because of assumed lack of sleep during the day. They thought it's because I had so many responsibilities at home during the day, being a mom and all. The truth was,  I was just sleepy, period, but not as sleepy as I would have been during the day.

So being a call center agent, I slept during the day and worked during the night for the past 7 years, and did not know the word hapontukin. The word was unheard of until recently, thanks to Enervon. One day, I decided that for the sake of the kids, that it’s time for me to live a normal life, i.e., either be a stay-at-home mom or get a day job. In that way, I’d be able to spend more time with the kids and be able to spend nights with them and be there when they wake up.

So after a few weeks of trying to be a certified stay-at-home mom, I had enough and eventually went to find a job. Luckily, I found one in one of the call centers just barely outside of Manila

It takes me less than 30 minutes to get to work now and 30 minutes also to get back home, and I get to be on a day shift because I'll be handling an Australian account. What an ideal setup for me! The kids and hubby love my schedule. I’m able to prepare lunchboxes for Basti and hubby before I go to work. Sometimes I’m the one who take Basti to school. 

What a wonderful job and what a wonderful schedule! What I did not count on was being so sleepy during the early mornings and in the afternoon while we were on training. I was so sleepy sometimes that I couldn't even open my eyes let alone understand a thing of what the trainer was saying.  Good thing, I was not alone. There were a couple of us who also had hapontukin moments and one of my co-trainees even had mug shots of some of the people sleeping and which she threatens from time to time to post on Facebook.

What did we do to keep awake during the training when Hapontukin sets in? Most of us would stand at the back of the room and act like zombies, shifting from one foot to the other just to keep awake. I realized early on, as early as the first five days of training,  that the hapontukin monster would attack me every single day so I came to work and attended training armed with cup of coffee from Country Style which could be refilled once.  So I had two cups of brewed coffee almost each and every day for the past one and a half month. I had candies and sugar coated peanuts I munch on conspicuously every time I feel sleepy. The trainer was very considerate and seemed to understand how difficult it was for us to stay awake after lunch that she made it a point to let us play games before we actually resume our  lessons again. I became an expert at Charades and Pinoy Henyo at such a short period of time.

The worst Hapontukin Moment I had happened just a few days before I got this email from Nuffnang. There was an update on some of the system tools that we’re going to use in production and another trainer was assigned to us. I sat in front because I’m visually challenged and needed to see what's on the board. I was listening to this trainer and before I knew it I was fast asleep. I almost bumped my head on the corner of the table in front of me. And I was on the front row and everybody saw me! When I regained “consciousness”, the trainer was saying, “Are you alright?” in a teasing voice. Everyone had a good laugh over me and I can’t help but laugh at myself. But the trainer understood. I told her I took some medication and was having a migraine, which was partly true. 

So it’s just in time that I was sent an email regarding the Hapontukin moments. I had not thought about using Enervon. I thought taking vitamins would make me sleepier but I think the Steadi-Energy Complex Enervon will help me stay awake so I’m going to try it anytime soon. At this point, training is over and we’ll be starting actual work this week, and I can’t afford to be asleep on the floor. I also need the extra energy to keep up with the kids after work. 

Hopefully I'll be getting rid of the Hapuntukin monster for good.      


  1. hahaha loved reading your post...
    i can totally relate to this since i am also a call center agent. training is the worst... its like my eyes did not want to stay open during training.
    it got better once training was done so...

  2. Haha... this blog is quite funny but it happens to all agents especially when they come in to work in a graveyard shift. But anyway that is just one of the challenges faced when working as a BPO agent.

  3. LOL ahh the inevitable floor. :)

    The hapontukin monster is one thing I have to conquer too!! But in my case, well, I go around and shoot people.. LOL


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