Jun 20, 2010

For The Love of Cars

Today is Father's Day. I want to greet all the fathers out there, especially my hubby, my father, and my brothers a Happy Happy Father's Day.

As Hubby and Basti headed off  to a friend's birthday party this morning, Basti said 'Bye Mama". Hubby said, "Give your Mama a flying kiss."  And he did blow me a flying kiss. I was so touched. As they walked away, hand in hand, I can't help but be amazed how big my eldest has grown. How time flies. In a few years, he'll be a teen-ager and wouldn't be blowing me a kiss anymore. I wonder if he or his brothers will make me cry someday with exasperation. As my brothers did with my mom.

My three boys remind me always of my three older brothers. Just like my boys, they are completely different from each other growing up. They have different hobbies, different set of friends, and personalities so different from each other they are bound to clash. They didn't have anything to agree on, they had nothing in common. They fight so much they made my mother cry with exasperation and made me and my youngest sister nervous every time.

As the years went by, they grew up to be men, thank God. The quarrels lessen as they matured and they became civilized with each other. Then, one of them became a Dad and we suddenly had a little bundle of joy called Loraine. Everything changed from there on. Having a baby in the family really changes everything. 

After Loraine, came Melai, then Russel, Bobi, Renz, and then my three boys, and I see my brothers getting along with each other more and more. Lately, I realized my brothers have something in common after all. They all love cars. Now, every time there's a family gathering, all  they talk about  is cars. They tinker with their vehicles, they go online for sites for car accessories like hyundai accessories, they compare notes on their latest accessories purchase, where to buy, what to buy. They taught each other how to drive, amazing, considering that they couldn't even hold a decent conversation back then. Now, every time they had car-related problems and minor accidents, they would call each other first for help. 

I'm happy they are getting along now. Aside from fatherhood and their love for the family, they found one other thing that holds them together, their love for cars. They also found their passions in life. I wouldn't have thought one of my brothers would become a photographer someday, and a good one at that.

My goal now as a mom is to find that one thing that will hold my boys together. It could be an activity, a hobby, a sport, anything that they would all have a love for and that they could do and have fun with each other. 

To my brothers, Happy Fathers Day. 

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