Apr 2, 2010

Little Simon at 1 year and 8 months

mommy moments 

Simon is almost 1 year and 8 months. He's such an active curious child. Everyone agrees that he's like his brothers but multiplied by two, haha.

At age 1, he can stack 2 plastic chairs (like Orocan chairs) on top of each other on his own. He can climb on those chairs to get things on the table. He gets his own chair to join anyone eating at the table or to join us when we're in front of the computer. He needs to have his own chair and would not sit on our lap when he's watching his Kuya Basti and Kuya Sam play games online. We had to put two mouse in front of the computer, one for him and one for his brothers, because if not he'd cry and whine until he has his own mouse to click on. Of course, his mouse is not attached to the computer but we made it look that way, for him. Aahh, the things we have to do for our kids, hehe. 

He can now doodle. He can hold a ballpen like a pro. 

From sandals and baby shoes, he has moved up to wearing slippers. We noticed a few months back that he was trying on his Kuya Sam's slippers every now and then. Last week, I found a pair of slippers my brother-in-law gave Sam and which Sam did not use at all. So I gave it to Simon and he loves it!


  1. It's really fascinating to follow the development of our kids esp babies. They always imitate what they see around them and it's so wonderful so we need to be careful with what they see:) I can relate well with you because I have an 11-month old baby boy who is so malikot (x3 sa kalikutan ng kuya niya) hehehe! Kaya natutuwa ako sa description mo lalong-lalo na yong sa fake na mouse, hahaha! Hala Baby Simon dinadaya ka, LOL.
    Salamat pala sa comment mo, sis. Balanced IQ & EQ. Galing mo! Touched ako:)

  2. Cutiee! Sandals to shoes to slippers...nice take on the theme and how he's growing up fast!

    First time visit here and I say "Kudos" to you mom for wonderfully raising 3 boys! Wow!

  3. Oh, 3 boys? Must be a handful, but I'm sure it's thrice the fun! Keep it up mom...congrats on little boy's new achievements!

  4. he is such a cutie and busy boy, am sure he keeps you busy, too!

  5. gling naman sis! he sounds really independent! my little kiddo doesnt wanna wear thong slipper yet. thanks for the warm visit! followin u now!

  6. Thanks for the earlier visit. :) I like your mouse idea. Baby Simon's growth by leaps and bounds is an achievement itself. Kudos to you, mommy! :)

  7. wow! very impressive....super galing naman...mine will be up shortly!

  8. the mouse idea is great. hindi nga naman sya mang-aawagaw sa mga kuya nya, ehehe. kids grow smart when they have loving and caring parents just like you.

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  9. guys, thanks for visiting back! Simon keeps everyone busy at the house. Sometimes he realizes that the mouse is not working and the boys fight over control of the mouse. We call it The Battle of the Mouse, LOL. Happy Easter mommies! Happy to hear from you and happy to visit your sites as well! Till the next Mommy Moments!

  10. happy mommy moments! its great you are able to witness the development and milestones of your baby...


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