Apr 20, 2010

Farmville, Basti, And Me

Basti and I have been spending some time on Farmville. I think it's a  great bonding game for us. And it teaches Basti a lot of things. 

For one, it teaches him some SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY.  He knows when a crop needs to be harvested. Sometimes he'll wake me up from my sleep just to say that this crop is about to wither so we need to harvest.

He learns the value of HELPING annd LENDING A HAND. He knows that he need to help other farmers fertilize their farms, and when he does,  they help him back. He learns what it means to GIVE AND TAKE.. 

He knows that this Nursery Barn will not be finished without the help of friends/ neighbors. 

He also learns how to GIVE  and to APPRECIATE all the gifts that were sent to him. His favorite neighbor is his Tita Henny who's always sending us gifts. He always shows his appreciation and thanks by sending gifts back. I like my friend Henny too. She asked me to grab this wonderful castle that the boys are ecstatic about. 

Once, he said to me "Thank you very much, Mama!". I said for what? He said, "Oh, for the beautiful fountain that you shared with us."  And I'm happy that he's thanking me for small acts of kindness.

He learns to appreciate things that are given to him, especially those that are given unexpectedly.

He learns to PLAN. He knows that he can only plant crops that he's sure that he'll be able to harvest when he's around. He knows he cannot plant a crop that needs to be harvest in say 12 hours because we're probably asleep by then. And if he already planted and won't be around to harvest because he'll be sleeping over at Grandma's, he'll be sure to remind me before he leaves what I need to do. LOL. Such a worrier. 

There are so many other things that he learns through Farmville. Like, one day while watching TV a politician said the word "balimbing". He asked what a "balimbing" is. It was really hard to explain to a little boy what a "balimbing" is but we managed. A "balimbing" person is someone who takes sides or changes opinions or allegiances depending on what will most benefit him at the moment. I hope that's close enough. The word is derived from the name of the fruit, balimbing, which in English is the Star Fruit. The problem is Basti has not even seen a star fruit. But thanks to Farmville, he already knows what a star fruit is. Babaw no, hehehe. 

There's the star fruit tree at the left. And there's a banana tree as well. He hasn't seen a banana tree up close.
Notice the three bikes. Those are for the three boys.  

One thing that he learns is to MAKING DECISIONS and MAKING CHOICES.  That shoe house up there is his choice, as many other equipments and decorations  in the farm. 

So who say's that Farmville is a complete waste of time.  Basti and I completely disagree! LOL. 

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  1. Farmville is a nice Game that learnt us about the crops and the life of the farmers.Also how to grow crops when they should be harvested etc.Lots of things we learn from this game.


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